My Internship at the Buffalo Public Schools

635487973548890274-buffalo-public-schools-signAs a history and sociology (dual) major, I did an internship last year that allowed me to observe high school history classes in Buffalo, NY. I observed classes including: Global 9, Global 10, U.S History, African American Studies, and the Holocaust. I compared these lectures with those of my college classes and noted the differences in topics and the way they were taught.

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Put Your Gelato Where Your Mouth Is! A Rivalry in the City Down Under

AS-0goodfood-gallery-20131111163336272090-600x400There is a rivalry in Sydney. It doesn’t have to do with Footy, their numerous classifications of rugby. No, it’s all about the gelato. I live near Surry Hills, one of the many suburbs surrounding the city center. It has a cool hand-made vibe with its quaint shops and an array of international cuisines to sample. Messina is a celebrated gelato shop that always has a line going down the block if it’s open.

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5 Things to Get You Through Finals Week

good luck with finalsWell everyone, November is upon us, and that means only about four weeks of this Fall semester at D’Youville remains! November is when things start to get busy between family and the holidays, as well as school.

So, in an effort to help you guys out, I would like to share some of my tips for helping you get through the home stretch here, and of course the big one: Finals Week.

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Wanderlust: Ways to Cure the Curiosity on a Student Budget (Buffalo-Niagara Edition)

In prior months, I wrote a post about curing the curious mind on a student budget. There, I spoke of tips and tricks of being frugal with international and global travels. Today, I’m going to boast about more wallet-friendly tips as my spirit is a wild one. So grab your bus pass, passport and/or open-minded friend who has a car. Here are some things I’ve learned during my studies at D’Youville (and I’m shouting from my hypothetical rooftop):


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