Warm Weather Ahead! Hiking Trails Around WNY

East CardotOne of the great things about being a  student in Buffalo is that that there are so many things to do outdoors if you are willing to venture just a short drive from campus. With the days getting longer and warmer, the Buffalo area is a great place to go hiking in the spring.

My Hiking Day Trip! 

Some friends and I found the Earl Cardot Eastside Overlook Trail about ten minutes from Fredonia (forty five minutes from school off the 90) over a long weekend. The only expenses for the trip were some picnic stuff purchased at Aldi’s and the gas in the car to the trail. I would also recommend wearing a pair of boots and some clothes you don’t mind getting muddy!

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Enactus Prints: Artwork Fundraising Effort

For this week’s blog post, I interviewed Florence Severs from our very own D’Youville Enactus club and their social enterprise fundraising effort Enactus Prints.1463626_175170802684598_531839074_n

Who is creating these art prints and posters?

The artwork has been collected from Northern Irish artists, based in Belfast, which we have reproduced to sell as prints. Our portfolio is a diverse collection of photographs, sketches and paintings.

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Million Dollar Idea: Buffalo Business Competition

43NORTHI for one have often wondered what I could do to revitalize my Buffalo neighborhood. Could I build a health club on the waterfront? Build a D’Youville College Health Center for my west side neighborhood? These things often cross my mind as I sit with a book in the library patiently waiting for spring. But what if I got the chance to actually make them happen? I may be in luck, and so might you. Dream up your best non-retail business scheme for Buffalo, NY and propose the idea here. Hailed as the world’s largest business idea competition, this is part of Governor Cuomo’s Buffalo Billion Project for Buffalo and Western New York revitalization.

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Frugal Nom’s: Budget Friendly Restaurants Near Campus

When you’re balling on a budget, it can be a little limiting to explore all the cuisine that Buffalo has to offer. But have no fear! Where there’s a will, there’s a way…niagara cafe

1. Niagara Cafe
- The food is quite inexpensive; you can get a salad, entree and soup for less than $10
- The portions are quite generous
- It’s close to campus!


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