Buffalo Gets a Winter Facelift

As a Buffalo native, it’s so exciting to see so many winter activities  coming closer to D’Youville! About 10 minutes from campus, the Canalside area popularly known for the Thursday in the Square Concert series  and hosting several other outdoor events has once again shown us just how awesome Buffalo is.

Watch the winter skaters as you walk on the bridge over the frozen canal!

Watch the winter skaters as you walk on the bridge over the frozen canal!

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What to Do in the 716: Valentine’s Day Edition!

We all know being a college student puts you on a tight budget.

New semester, plus textbooks, plus tuition minus part time job still tends to equal a number relatively close to zero. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a bit of fun with your significant other this February 14th. Here are some of my suggestions to have an awesome Valentine’s Day on a tighter budget.

1) Canalside

Lately, the buzz in Buffalo has been this word. Last fall, I don’t think there was one day that ‘Canalside’ wasn’t mentioned in the newspaper. Well, it’s finally here! The ice rink and Winter Market are beautifully located in the heart of downtown Buffalo, right across from Harbor Center, and very close to our Naval Park. General admission for skating is $5.00, and if you need skates it’s an extra three. My suggestion is to go during the week, as the rink isn’t nearly as busy as on the weekends.


Skaters taking the ice at Canalside

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Busting those Breezy Winter Blah’s

Can Blah Buster day come any sooner!? The beginning months of 2015 can seem a bit dreary.  The sun goes to sleep long before class is over and the cold weather (between snow, hail and wind) can easily put a fork in your plans. However, with an open mind and a few wise words (from yours truly), you can make the most of your winter here in Buffalo, New York!


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Spring Semester: What I’m Looking Forward To

1. Blah Buster Day.

You know that D’Youville cares when they have days to rid you of those winter blahs! Similar to Student Appreciation Days, I typically roam the hallways of KAB, ALT & DAC to enter contests, raffles and get free goodies along the way.

download (1)

But don’t quote me on it – the DL manager (our school email) gives you an EXACT LISTING of what college departments are participating and what freebies they’re giving or raffling off. Man, that buffalo cheese dip is scrumptious. If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out…

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