Transfer Q & A: the ABC’s to DYC Culture

As a Student Ambassador (my fancy title for a tour guide) on campus, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the school. Being a transfer student myself, I love giving tours to prospective transfer/graduate students (not that I’m trying to discriminate!). These tours remind me of the 101 questions that I had before I came to D’Youville College and the inquisitive nature that I possessed a little less than 3 years ago. So, as part of my final blog post and to bring this full circle, these are the top questions that I’ve received in my years of being a DYC advocate:

futuramaWhat are all the costs of studying here and how can I save money?

Deciding to go back to school is no easy feat but there are plenty of ways you can go about it without breaking the bank. If you’re American, look into work-study options. From my understanding, it just takes a little walk around campus and a knock on someone’s door to see if they’re hiring. If you’re Canadian, you’re a little more limited financially. In the spring semester, you can apply for consideration for Endowed Scholarships. Take a moment to write up an application and an essay. You may end up getting a grant. Due to your I-20 status however, you will only be able to work on campus (upon getting a SSN, of course).

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5 Reasons Why D’Youville is Great for Canadians

us_and_canadian_flagHonestly, I have grown up hearing about the neighboring country that is the United States. Having previously studied Nutrition at Ryerson University/a university in Toronto (yes, that is in Canada), I had so many ideas of what America and Americans were like. Little did I know (at the time) that I would be completing my Masters in the small city of Buffalo, New York. During my time at D’Youville, I’ve had the opportunity to learn many invaluable lessons, both in and outside of the classroom setting, that I am grateful for. No, this is not a blatant advertisement telling prospective high school or transfer students to come to my awesome school. These are some of the reasons why my college isn’t half bad.

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Life Hacks and DIYs for your Summer Lovin’

You’ve studied long enough this semester and it’s time for a well-deserved break! I love summer because it feels like everything comes to life – you see more people mingling on the streets, you feel the warmth of the sun on your face and the best part is that the days are longer, which means more time for you to do fun things (i.e. road trips)!

Picture 2 - May 3 '15In the spirit of summer vacay, I wanted to share some cool life hacks with you. Here are 5 good minutes of your time. I hope that this video gave you a few ideas to take on the season, while you’re also out and about having fun, whether it be water skiing, tanning, hosting patio parties, BBQs, or just having an ice-cold beer on your front porch!

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Welcome to America, Canadians!

I personally get a lot of inquiries from old classmates and acquaintances as new prospective DYC students (more specifically Torontonians) who want to get a “Canadian” perspective on assimilating to the culture that is Buffalo.  Did you know that Canadians are eligible for a 10-20% discount on tuition? Haha, don’t you wish you were Canadian now? With no further ado, here is my comprehensive Canadian guide to America!


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