It’s March and it’s Snowing! Enjoying the Outdoors on the Cheap

If you have looked outside your dorm room or drove to school it’s no surprise that it is already March and there is no end in sight to snowfalls pummeling our city. reinstein woodsLuckily for us, though, being a student in Western New York offers many options for winter activities, including sleddingdownhill skiing and ice skating to name a few.

As a Buffalo native, I can tell you that each are pretty fun and worth checking out at least once (however I cannot speak much to cross country skiing). A friend and I decided to give it a try a few weeks ago and I’d like to share our experiences with you!

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Sweet Spring Break Suggestions

After months of deadlines, tests and everything in between, spring break is finally near. Ain’t that sweet? Now unless you have pages of thesis to edit (ugh, my fatal reality), why not go on a mini vacation? I know, I know- we’re all still on that student “budget.” I’m not talking about a trip to Portugal or Japan (although that would be pretty awesome). Let’s work within our student budget and still have fun here. It seems better than the next alternative, chilling on the couch, watching NetFlix reruns, well to me anyway.
The Pinnacle List

1. New York City (furthest)
I don’t know about you, but I’ll finally be checking out NYC this spring break!! If you have a friend or extended family member that lives in/near the city, why not spend a few days exploring the culture that is NYC?


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Take 10 and De-Stress: Creative Ways to Take Control of Your Stress

How many of you have trouble falling asleep? I know I do! When exam time rolls around the corner I seem to think of nothing but that. Not to mention, the 10 billion things I have to do before the end of my week! Sure, it’s normal to feel stressed around these times, but is it normal to experience stress and anxiety more often than that?


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D’Youville Chips in for Haiti: The SOIL Project

Throughout the past few months, you may have seen signs and posters advertising and asking students for help painting pots.

Why pots?

SOIL, or Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods, is an organization committed to providing healthy lifestyles by transforming waste into resources. They achieve this through EcoSan, or Eco-Sanitation, in which human waste is returned to the soil in a useable, healthy form.

141006 Poop Loop new

SOIL’s model for a healthier Haiti.










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