The Art of Medicine: Education, History, and Adventures in Florence, Italy

For the past two weeks, I had the amazing opportunity to travel with some other students from D’Youville College to the city of Florence, Italy. The purpose of the trip was to take a two week course designed specifically for us by the University of Florence, in cooperation with D’Youville’s Math and Natural Sciences Department. italy groupAlthough it may seem so, this trip wasn’t strictly business. While working towards getting our credit for the class, we were allowed plenty of free time to explore, shop, and most importantly, to have fun!

I’ll start with some facts about the city, tell you about the course we took, and then list some information so you can get involved for next year!

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Wanderlust: Ways to Cure the Curiosity on a Student Budget

images (1)D’Youville’s motto ‘Educating for Life’ subtly echoes the inquisitive and ambitious nature of their students & alumni.  Surely, it doesn’t end at our intellectual education alone.  Being a Canadian student living in America, I continue to be excited by the slight differences between the two countries.  One thing that particularly disappoints me is that, as a student, I have few resources and time to travel and do the things that I enjoy.  Over the past year, however, I’ve learned to make lemon juice out of my lemons; let me share with you what I mean.

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Winging It: The Ultimate Buffalo Wing

People come from far and near for the almighty Buffalo wing; heck, they even host an annual Buffalo Wing festival. But where can you get the biggest & best buffalo wing? I’m about to fill you in!

1. Voelker’s Bowling Alley 

Right along Elmwood is an olden day bowling alley. Although the interior may look rustic, they boost the most delicious honey mustard barbecue wings. They have other flavors if you fancy, which include suicidal extra hot, hot, medium, mild, barbecue and Cajun!

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