All riled up about…. Life Cycle Nutrition?

We all have those classes that for whatever reason we’re required to take, but they just don’t look exciting. When I saw “Life Cycle Nutrition” (Dietetics 327) on my list of classes required for my Dietetics major, I wasn’t dreading it, but I wasn’t exactly expecting great things. I certainly wasn’t expecting to leave a class discussion so riled up I nearly knocked over a fellow DYC student on my way out, but as it turns out, that’s exactly what happened.


I get to class, assuming we’ll get back into the lecture on infant nutrition, see some Powerpoint slides, no big deal. It started off that way, but a big part of infant nutrition includes breastfeeding and a big part of breastfeeding is apparently controversial! I had no idea from a simple lecture about the natural act of children eating we’d venture into government views of healthcare, big business pay-offs, international differences in the employment of women, and a whole realm of other things that unassuming me had never thought about in relation to breastfeeding. I walked out of class, head spinning with a newfound passion, and apparently, legs walking at about 80 mph (that’s 129 kph for our Canadian friends). A nice guy had held the door for me on my way out of the building. I said “thanks” and didn’t pay much attention to where he went as I unknowingly sprinted across the parking lot. When I got across the street the same guy had taken a step backward, turned to me and said, “You’re walking a lot faster than me, I’m just going to get out of your way.” I was suddenly snapped out of my breastfeeding-government-conspiracy fog and said back to him, “Oh…sorry…I’m really not in a hurry. I guess I was just fired up from my last class.” He asked what class that was and I almost felt silly admitting it was Life Cycle Nutrition. Naturally his next question inquired as to what could possibly have been so exciting in a class like that. I thought, “If you would have told me this was going to happen before I took this class I would have asked the same thing.”

Hey, you never know

So if you’re seeing things on your schedule that sound like a better nap period than anything you’d be interested in, you may just want to give that class a chance. Even in my Anatomy & Physiology II class, we got into a discussion on the chemical content of flatulence that left us all, including the professor, with church giggles that could not be contained. So like the NY Lotto guy says, “Hey, you never know.”

Tell Us Your Thoughts

Have you had a snooze-worthy-sounding class end up surprising you by sparking your interest? Or do you see something on your schedule that maybe someone else has taken and can offer some insight? Use the comment section below to let me know I’m not the only one!

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