The Pursuit of the Perfect Study Spot

Anyone who knows me knows that I have an obsession with trying to get the best possible grade on a paper or an exam. Even if I labor for hours and hours memorizing chemical formulas, an A+ is not always within grasp. Now that we have established that no one can reach academic perfection, let me tell you how you can excel in the art of finding the perfect place to study on D’Youville campus! With hard practice and determination, the title of study connoisseur will be yours and you will find success in your GPA as well!

Tip #1: Determine the purpose of your study session. Do you have a challenging microbiology exam tomorrow? Or are you just glancing through your notes before a psychology lecture?

D'Youville students studying at a table in the libraryThe Montante Family Library at D’Youville is a good spot whenever you are preparing for an upcoming, brutal exam. Floors 2-4 have tables and chairs available for sprawling out your books while the basement provides computers in a quiet environment to allow you to finally buckle down and write that midterm essay. The only time the library becomes problematic is right before finals week when the place becomes flooded with last minute study sessions.

students studying in the Joan of Arc Hallway

The Joan of Arc Hallway (between the KAB and Bauer) is ideal for studying early in the morning. As the day progresses, it becomes the place to quickly review notes or chat with friends before class.

Tip #2: Consider the size of your study group. Are you studying with a group of people or do you just need a place for you to study by yourself?

two female D'Youville students studying on a couch in the Blue Lounge

The Blue Lounge in the College Center is a great place to study either by yourself or with a friend. If there is not an event going on, the place is often left vacant creating an enormous place with plenty of couches to choose from. There is even a piano if you need some musical inspiration!

student writing on white board in a group study room in the library

On the other hand, the group study rooms on the 4th floor of the library are among the best places to study if you are with a group of people. Some rooms even provide marker boards allowing you to draw diagrams or attempt to teach your classmates the factors in coagulation.

 Tip #3: The level of noise matters. Some people, like I, need it to be dead silent during my study sessions while others thrive on having background noise.

two D'Youville students studying in Madonna Lounge

For those of you who like it quiet, Madonna Lounge (in Madonna Hall) can be a good place to avoid the commotion of listening to passersby. This place is only problematic when seminars and classes are held in the lounge, so if a group comes in, you may need to sneak out of the back door!

studying studying in the D'Youville Academic Center

In my opinion, the newest building on campus, the D’Youville Academic Center (DAC) has many great places to study. For those of you who like studying around people, the second floor is ideal. The hum of the refrigerators and the clamor of the pharmacy students entering and exiting class may be just what you need to have a successful study session. Floors 3-5 also have tables available but scope it out first. Depending what time of the day it is, one floor may have people chatting away while the others may want it to be silent. Be courteous of others!

 Tip #4: Be creative when choosing your place to study! Think outside of the box and you may find hidden gems around campus.

students studying at a table in the Porter View Room

 You may have never considered using the Porter View Room Dining Hall (PVR) in the College Center to study, but during the middle of the day between meals, the PVR can be a great place to study with a group.

students studying at a table

There are also many nooks around campus that are wonderful for study sessions. The tutoring center makes use of the landing on the 4th floor of the the Koessler Administration Building (KAB). I just wish I had found this place first!

Tip #5: Finally, even if you are cramming for tomorrow’s test, be sure to take breaks! Minds can only remember so much at a time, so give it a time-out!

students studying

 The lower level of the Pauline Alt Building (Alt) building has couches where many like to take a nap along with Spartan Spot Café where you can get a bite to eat.

D'Youville student studying outside at table

What cures my mental tiredness the best is getting a breath of fresh air. Take a walk or sit in the sun on one of the many benches and tables around D’Youville campus.

 Now that I told you a few of my tips for finding the perfect study spot, what helps you study? Do you need it to be quiet? Do you study better by yourself or in groups? If you dare to share, what is your favorite place to study on campus?

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Major: Dietetics.
Where I’m from: The Midwest.
When I graduate: I hope to begin my career as a clinical dietitian at a general hospital/ children’s hospital and eventually specialize in preconception and pregnancy nutrition or weight loss counseling.

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  • I’d have to say one of my favorite spots to study is the Joan of Arc hallway. A lot of my teachers have their office in that hallway. So if I don’t understand something while studying, I am right by their office and can easily go ask for help. However, this area can get busy with everyone walking by. If I really need to concentrate, the upper levels of the DAC are by far the best. The big windows makes it feel more spacious than the Joan of Arc and it gets really quiet after 6.

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