Top Three Reasons to Attend Honors Convocation (Award or Not!)

Every year, D’Youville College sets aside a day to honor the students who excel in academic achievement. On the first Wednesday of March, classes are canceled for the afternoon to allow students and faculty to attend or take part in Honors Convocation. Last week, on March 7, the tradition that began in 1960 continued. If you do not already attend the ceremony each year, you may be wondering – why should I go? What is in it for me? There are many reasons – but today I am going to touch on three of them.


Top Three Reasons to Attend Honors Convocation (Award or Not!)

  1. After a long year of hard work and hours of grueling studying, Honors Convocation is a way to congratulate fellow students for the time and commitment they put in (and to give yourself a pat on the back as well). D’Youville College is unique in that a whole afternoon of classes is canceled just to say “Thanks” to students for their hard work. (I got out of a three-hour class!) What’s
    in it for you? Professors and faculty members will recognize all the hard work you putDYC's Annual Honor's Convocation in and see that you take your education seriously. (Hence the reason why you decided to stay at school for the afternoon instead of going home). Of course, in all of this they do realize that many have jobs and family commitments that need to take priority when classes are canceled! Even if receiving a place on the Dean’s list means just standing or walking across the stage for a handshake, you deserve it!
  2. It is a great opportunity to find out about other awards and scholarships you may be eligible for! Before I attended Honors Convocation in 2011, I had no idea that each of the departments gave out academic awards; some departments, like Nursing, have more than one award given out! These awards provide even more motivation to want to excel in clinicals and internships. Also, many of you may not know, but there are two awards presented to students with outstanding academic achievement, but more importantly, to students who have exceptional character, service, and loyalty to D’Youville college. The tradition of awarding the D’Youville Medal has been around since the first honors convocation and is the highest award presented to a fourth-year undergraduate Sister Denise Roche awarding the D'Youville Medal to Jordan Vokesstudent. This year it was awarded to Jordan Vokes, who not only maintained a perfect 4.0 average but is seen as a leader whether it be the captain of the baseball team, a tutor at the learning center, or a team leader involved in service projects, like Lending a Hand. I should also mention that during his junior year at D’Youville, Jordan received early assurance acceptance into the medical school at Syracuse University. On the other hand, the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart Medal, which was created this year, is awarded to a graduate student with the above qualifications. This year O’Dane Brady received this award for his exceptional academic achievement (one undergraduate and two graduate degrees at D’Youville) and is said to exemplify the “spirit of Marguerite D’Youville.” O’Dane is recognized by fellow students as a leader and one who is always willing to assist others. Among these are many more opportunities for scholarship, but listing the 80+ awards listed in the program would get a little dry. I, for one, am going to keep a better eye out for these great opportunities in the future.
  3. Finally, attending Honors Convocation is a great way to show school spirit and loyalty. I have heard from some students that we lack school spirit because we are just a small college. But you do not need NCAA division I sports DYC Choirteams to have school spirit! (Although we do have great teams here at D’Youville – but that’s a topic for another day). You can show your commitment and loyalty by attending events like these. Plus, if you have never heard the college’s Alma Mater, I encourage you to go so you can hear it before your graduation day!

display of foodBonus incentive:There is a great reception after the awards ceremony! Fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese and crackers, phyllo wrapped asparagus, and for you meat lovers, chicken and meatballs.

Here are some pictures from the “After-Party:”
DYC Students posing for pictureFamily and friends  Honor's Convocation Reception  Alma Mater lyrics


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