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When most people think of college they imagine a city-like campus with thousands of young students roaming about. The biggest fear most high school students have about college is the large size. The thought of getting lost on the way to class is intimidating. D’Youville is not like most colleges. It is nearly impossible to get lost on campus, as most of it is concentrated along Fargo Avenue. The campus is made up of a total of eleven buildings. That may seem like a lot of buildings but classes only take place in about four or five of the buildings and classes are primarily held in the ALT building, the Bauer Family Academic Center, or the D’Youville Academic Center. This makes it convenient and easy to get from class to class and it is especially valuable in the harsh Buffalo winter.

D’Youville College has a total of about 3,200 students and about 425 of them dorm either part or full-time. This means that you, the individual, mean a lot more here at D’Youville than at other colleges with 10,000+ students. Below is a list of the benefits of being a D’Youville student.

D'Youville College Campus map

D’Youville College Campus

1. YOU are more than just a number.

At D’Youville you never feel like you are just another student. D’Youville is a close-knit community among the students and faculty. Most classes have less than twenty students in them allowing teachers to really get to know their students. The largest class I have ever taken was Biology 101 with about 60 students in it and the smallest class I have taken was Calculus II, which had four students enrolled. Because classes are so small and the student to faculty ratio is 13:1 it is very easy to get extra help from professors or make arrangements if you need to miss a class. Recently a friend of mine passed away and all of my professors were very understanding and worked with me when I had to miss class to return home for the services. At D’Youville professors care about you and want to help you succeed.

2. It’s possible for YOU to meet and talk with the college president

Anyone who has followed my blog posts last year knows that I have had the opportunity to meet and talk with D’Youville’s president Sister Denise A. Roche.  For those who have not you can read my interview What You DON’T know about Sister Denise. I also recently got to talk with her at an event I worked a few weeks ago. At most colleges it is unheard of for a student to ever meet and talk with the president in their entire college career. I’m only a sophomore and I have already had the chance to speak with Sister Denise twice.  Sister Denise’s office is located front and center of the Koessler Administration Building and she often encourages students to stop by and say hello.

 3. YOU can play almost any sport YOU want

D’Youville offers 15 NCAA Division III Sport teams. Some sports are more competitive to make the team than others, but for the most part if you are willing to put in the effort you can be part of the team. Typically the coaches are always in need of tennis players, cross-country runners, and rowers for women’s crew. Playing a sport is a great way to relieve stress, have fun, and make new friends. Since we are division III there is no stress to keep an athletic scholarship because they don’t exist at D’Youville.

Women's Cross Country Runners at the Meghan Memorial Run at Frontier High School

Women’s Cross Country Runners at the Meghan Memorial Run at Frontier High School.


The men's basketball team in action against rival Hilbert College.

The men’s basketball team in action against rival Hilbert College.

4. YOU can get involved

Lambda Sigma Honor Society Logo

Lambda Sigma Honor Society Logo

D’Youville has over 25 different clubs, offers a variety of community service opportunities, and several student research opportunities. I am currently the vice president of Lambda Sigma, which is a service based sophomore honor Society. So far we have held a community clean up, collected money for feed my starving children, and soon we will be teaming up with Alliance to help them with their Black Light Party to raise awareness about the LGBTQ community. Campus ministry sends out a list every semester of community service opportunities and every year they go to New Orleans. You can learn more about the Lending a Hand New Orleans service trip by checking out Jordan’s blog. The college also offers a variety of student research opportunities. Students can work closely with a professor and earn a credit performing research.

5. YOU can build your resume/make connections

D’Youville offers several on-campus jobs and hosts several events that they always need help with from students. I currently work as a math lab tutor for the Department of Math and Natural Sciences and as a Student Ambassador for Admissions. Because D’Youville is a small community and I had met the right people freshman year I was able to grasp these great opportunities. Campus jobs at D’Youville are terrific for building your resume because you get to know your boss very well and they can help you as a reference for future jobs. I recently helped out at a trustee reunion event as a student ambassador and I got to meet and talk with a lot of the past college trustees. One of them even discussed a summer internship program that they run and gave me their card!

D’Youville has a lot to offer, but YOU need to take advantage of it. This is your chance to become a leader and grow! Take those small school opportunities and run with them. Who knows where they might take you!


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