A Breakdown of My Favorite Courses at D’Youville this Semester

Favorite Course Word Cloud

A Favorite Course Word Cloud

When sitting down to write this post about my favorite course this semester, I, surprisingly, found myself torn. There are numerous candidates that could clinch the title of favorite course: Literary Criticism, Growth of Western Civilization, and of course any D’Youville Internship is always a contender.

So I decided that I would lay out the pros of each of the courses and then give you my decision. Hopefully, you formulate your own choice along the way—with intent to take the course in the very near future (they’re all excellent choices, I promise).


1. ) Literary Criticism:

This English course is in its newborn stages this semester, being its first offering at D’Youville. The course serves as the initial bookmark of an English major’s career (with the end bookmark being the 400-level course, Critical Theory).

I reserved my opinions on this course at the start of this semester. Honestly, I thought it would veer toward a boring synopsis of dry critics’ reviews of outdated texts. I could not have been more wrong. The books (Jane Eyre, Wide Sargasso Sea, Lord Jim) are fascinating; the critics are insightful and knowledgeable; and Dr. Joshua Gooch is so energetic and relate-able that you have no choice but to love the course.

Oh, did I mention it’s a WIP? Check that off your to-do lists, folks.


A favorite course book

Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre

A favorite course book

Jean Rhys’ Wide Sargasso Sea

A favorite course book

Joseph Conrad’s Lord Jim







2.) Growth of Western Civilization:

Sigh, a core course. We all know how dull these classes can be, especially when you have no aptitude for anything history-related. Fortunately, D’Youville’s Liberal Arts department is brimming with an abundance of amazing professors, all of whom transform their subjects into a resonant force of wonderment.

Dr. Jeffrey Glodzik did not disappoint.

From Greek culture to Roman culture to Christianity and beyond, Dr. Glodzik knows how to make all of these events fascinating. I bet you didn’t know how amazing the plague Black Death and the poet Virgil are; take this course, and you’ll be certain to find out.

Also, who doesn’t want to learn about the Dance of the Dead?

A picture from a favorite course

Bernt Notke: Surmatants (Totentanz) in St. Nicholas’ Church, Tallinn.


3.) And lastly, the Internship:

I was fortunate enough to find an internship that I absolutely love: editing D’Youville’s very own literary magazine SKETCH (like D’Youville Sketch on Facebook to find out more!). So, by no surprise, it makes my top 3 favorite classes.

My recommendation: Find something you love, and intern in it. It’s one of the most rewarding experiences in the world. D’Youville’s Career and Volunteer Center board link is an excellent place to find them!

D'Youville SKETCH 2012 Title Page

D’Youville SKETCH 2012 Title Page


The Award Goes to…..

See what I mean…all three are very good choices. But I did say that I would tell you the winner of my favorite course!  And the award goes to…

Literary Criticism!

A brilliant course where I get to talk about books the whole time? For an English major? Was there any other choice?  What are your favorite courses this semester – share in the comments below!

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