Four Floors of Awesomeness- The Montante Family Library

outside view of the Montante Family LibraryD’Youville’s Montante Family Library is four floors of awesomeness, but many students fail to realize just how much the library has to offer. I consider myself a pretty heavy user of the library, however when I did some more exploring for this blog even I gained some new knowledge of the great things the library has to offer. I’m going to share with you everything the library has to offer and I’m going to break it down floor by floor.
 Lower Level

D'Youville Student, Shelby, utilizing the computer lab

D’Youville Student, Shelby, utilizing the computer lab

A great chunk of the time I spend at the library is in the lower level. A giant computer lab with free printing, scanners, and SPSS machines or stats analyses software, which allow you to open zipped files and other special kinds of files, composes most of the floor. The computer lab also has food processor machines (nutrition analysis software for dietetics students) and typing test software. There is also a help desk which can help you with any computer issues or printer problems. The research desk is also located in the lower level. For any college student the research desk is an incredibly valuable tool. The research desk assists students with using the library’s resources to find information or helps students obtain other sources of information through interlibrary loans from anywhere in the United States. Students also have the luxury of texting the research desk to ask questions by texting refdesk to 66746. The lower level is also home to the library’s dissertation/thesis collection.

The help desk in the computer lab

The help desk in the computer lab

The library reference desk

The library reference desk- just a few paces from the elevator

1st Floor

There is not much going on at the first floor. It is the lobby area with the security desk. It often has a cart of free books the library is giving away. I just included it here so no one would get confused and think I skipped a floor.

2nd Floor

The library circulation desk

The library circulation desk

The second floor of the library contains books PR-Z, CD’s, and DVD’s. It is home to the circulation desk which is where all material can be checked out. Up to five CD’s and DVD’s can be borrowed for 7 days and renewed twice. All other library materials that are allowed to be borrowed can be checked out for 30 days and renewed up to three times. D’Youville students can use their student ID to check out up to 20 items at a time. I was browsing the DVD collection and although it’s no Blockbuster, I saw popular titles such as Forrest Gump and Inception. College students in need of some cheap entertainment should definitely check it out. There are also several study tables and even a student lounge with vending machines on the second floor. If you are looking for a place to study or want to borrow some material from the library then the second floor is for you.

The Student Lounge

The Student Lounge

3rd Floor

study area on the third floor of the libraryThe third floor also has some great study areas. It has several cubicles throughout the floor for studying as well as some larger tables in the wings. Not only does the third floor have places to study but it also contains books E-PQ in the main area. One of the wings contains the archives, which includes journals and periodicals, and another one of the wings contains current magazines and newspapers.

4th Floor

The fourth floor is my favorite floor and is where I spend the majority of my time in thetables in the study area on the fourth floor of the library library. It has a beautiful stained glass window on the ceiling and the floor is very open and welcoming to students wishing to study. There are several large tables and comfy chairs for studying spread throughout the main area. The floor contains books A-D as well as a juvenile collection. My favorite room is the children’s room because it has a large table, nice chairs, big windows, and convenient power outlets to charge electronics. The fourth floor also has a curriculum room, a library instruction room, and a conference room. The best features of the fourth floor are the study rooms. There are 4 small study rooms, and one large group study room each equipped with a whiteboard.

D'Youville student sitting in a chair on the 4th floor studying

D’Youville student, Jericko, using one of the comfy chairs on the 4th floor to study

stained glass window on the ceiling of the 4th floor

The stained glass window on the ceiling of the 4th floor

The Children's Room in the library

The Children’s Room- My favorite place in the library

Wi-Fi and wireless printing is also available on all floors and several online resources can be found on the D’Youville website under the library’s research resources tab. Clearly the library has a lot of great things to offer and I’m sure there are more services that I have not covered. Get up, go talk to a librarian, and explore all that the library has to offer. The library is here to benefit students like you so use it to your advantage!

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