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It’s the end of October and I’m having a hard time believing the semester is already more than half over! Before you know it there will be snow on the ground. In fact, on Thursday when we were having gorgeous, nearly 80-degree weather in Buffalo, my hometown in Iowa was having their first snowfall! It was with these realizations that I figured I better do some kind of fall-related activities before it’s too late. Then I remembered what Joey mentioned in his last blog post about Residence Council’s Fall Fest, and it seemed like the perfect (and inexpensive) way to celebrate the nicest day of the season!

Residence Council is the committee made up of D’Youville College’s resident students who plan events for the residence halls as well as the college community. As I’ve mentioned previously, I am a part-time resident so it worked out great to attend the Fall Fest! So around 7:00 this past Thursday night, my roommate and I headed over to the Blue Lounge in the College Center to see what all the fuss was about. As we opened the doors, we were greeted by the scent of freshly carved pumpkins and the music from the Harry Potter movies floating in the air. Keep on reading to find out more about the Fall Fest activities (with some hilarious pictures)! 

Residence Council’s Fall Fest 2012

two D'Youville students proudly displaying their finished pumpkin carving

I don’t know about you, but one of the first things that come to mind during the season of Fall is pumpkins! Pumpkin pie, pumpkin farms, pumpkin spice lattes, and of course, carving pumpkins! All sizes of pumpkins were provided along with carving tools, and stencils for those who wanted more of a challenge! We decided to make a lady pumpkin complete with eyelashes and a mole and called her “Marilyn.”

D'Youville students selling tickets for a raffle

Now every fall festival has to have games, so we had the option to either play the “Guess that Food” game, bowling, or volleyball to win raffle tickets. Every hour someone won cash prizes and at the end of the night, a lucky winner got a D’Youville fleece blanket!

D'Youville students playing a wrapping the mummy game

Another raffle opportunity was the “Mummy Wrapping” competition. Whoever could wrap their partner the best (with the most covered) in two minutes won! See one of the pictures below to see my excellent mummy-wrapping skills! I think I did a pretty good job considering how dizzy you can get running around in circles for two minutes!

D'Youville students eating donuts off strings

The classic “Eating-Doughnuts-Off-Strings” competition was another classic game that brought much laughter (and inhaling powdered sugar) to the night!

D'Youville students holding a bowl of candy corn

Finally, the Fall Fest wouldn’t have been complete without apple cider, caramel apples, Halloween candy, and a chance to guess the number of candy corns in a jar. Anyone have a guess how many pieces are in that jar?

Here are some more fun pictures from the night:

D'Youville students playing wrap the mummyDYC students playing eat the donut off the stringDYC Student grabbing candy from a dishDYC student standing by the snack tableD'Youville students carving pumpkinsFall Fest 2012 flyer with events listedDYC student carving a pumpkinDYC Student wrapped in toilet paper as a mummyDYC students carving pumpkins


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