Shakespeare at D’Youville: An excellent choice

ENG 302 (otherwise known as the Shakespeare Course) is not only a viable option but an excellent one. Let me guess, you’re already eager to click to the next page. Well, hold on a second. I’m going to tell you about ENG 302 at D’Youville College and why this specific Shakespeare course is nothing to fear. So, listen to these three reasons why you should take D’Youville’s Shakespeare course with Dr. McGeachy:


1. Shakespeare is an Icon

At this point in your life, it’s more than 99% likely that you’ve not only heard of William Shakespeare but could name at least one of his works. There’s a reason for this: Shakespeare is more than a classic. A renowned playwright, whose works abound even in our modern-day society. For example, did you know that The Lion King (yep, that Disney movie we all know in love) bears a strong resemblance to Shakespeare’s Hamlet? Shakespeare’s plays are a force to be reckoned with presently. You don’t want to be a step behind in the world of pop culture, do you?

Hamlet and the Lion King

Hamlet, the Lion King

2. The WIP!

Ah, the ever-lasting reason a D’Youville course fills up on the first night of registration: the WIP. While WIPs can sometimes be foreboding, anyone who has taken a WIP (or any course) with Dr. McGeachy knows that there’s nothing overwhelming about them. Her writing process excellently guides students through all the stages—outline, draft, revisions, final copy—of writing a well-thought-out and exemplary paper. This course is starting to look really good, right?

3. Break out of your Comfort Zone (and have fun doing it)

One of the greatest things about this course is the ability to get up and perform Shakespeare’s works themselves. Reading it is one thing; living the drama, the romance, the sword-fights is an entirely different experience. Don’t be scared of public speaking. The setting of the course makes it an excellent place to expose how amazing of a performer you are. Trust me, you’ll have fun.




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