SKETCH: D’Youville’s Very Own Literary Magazine

SKETCH literary magazine is a little known wonder of D’Youville College. It is a publication for the school in which students, faculty, staff, alumni, et. al. can submit their various works (prose, poetry, academic essays, photography, artwork, etc.) and find a place where other people can view and comment. You can find previous editions on the Sketch website (no longer available). The magazine just celebrated the release of its 2012 fall edition, which was landmark event for the publication. This 2012-2013 school year is the first time SKETCH will have produced more than one edition in the year. Some of the writers came out for the event and actually read their works aloud for those in attendance. And yes! I was there to read as well. Below is a poem I read for the event:

The Most Gruesome Birth Known to Man 

Somewhere—at some random point in time—a thought occurred. Mild and oppressed at first, it sat idly, waiting for the moment to pounce. When…Bam!  (Please excuse the exclamatory humdrum.) A whirlwind of ideologies brimmed a narrow-minded youth, burgeoning amidst ragged remnants of equations and logicisms and what-have-you. Nay, this was not a mind intent on solving some profound mathematical riddle, rather a mind meant to squeeze reality through a kaleidoscopic tube, spilling blots of imagination onto a page. In other boring words, a writer was born. Welcome to my world, lads and lasses; it’s a really bumpy ride. I recommend forgoing the seatbelt, as restraint is not a friend to us here. Good luck, and gods speed. (Or take your time and mull it over; either way I don’t really give a damn).

I hope you enjoyed that! You can find that, and more, in the edition itself. Email to find out how you can obtain your very own copy.


“Down the Rabbit Hole” by Maxwell Paul Johnson


Right now, the magazine is currently accepting submissions for its spring edition, with a deadline tentatively set for March 22, 2013. So please submit your work to! You’ll find that SKETCH really is open to all submissions and encourages you to submit your work! Email any questions as well!


The Title Page for the 2011-2012 Edition of SKETCH

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Major: English
Where I'm From: Eastern Pennsylvania
When I graduate: I, ideally, hope to publish a novel or collection of short stories, but I'd also like to delve into the process of editing/publishing, too.

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