Montante Family Library: The Wonder that Never Stops

I’ve written about the Montante Family Library in the past, but I feel obligated to do so again. This time with two completely personal anecdotes, highlighting the impressiveness of Montante. So excuse me if I sound repetitive, but let me explain how the Library never ceases to amaze me.


As I’ve stated in previous posts, this semester I’m enrolled in English 302 (otherwise known as, Shakespeare). In this course, several times we’re asked to do various research assignments. This is where my first tale begins.

While reading Henry IV, Part I, we were required to go over to the library and examine some of the texts relating to Shakespeare. One of the books was incredibly remarkable: Marvin Spevack’s Harvard Concordance to Shakespeare (1973). Within this book, every word ever included in a Shakespearean play is defined and listed with each appearance. When you consider the amount of works Shakespeare has written and the poetic nature with which he chooses each of his words, this book becomes a godsend. And I still find it astounding that D’Youville has the rights to such a bounty.


Marvin Spevack’s “Harvard Concordance to Shakespeare”

Young Adult Theory

For this story, you need a little background. As an English major in my final semester, I’m currently working on creating and establishing a portfolio to better include myself in real world academia. This portfolio includes a well-crafted and heavily sourced paper on the topic of Trauma in Young Adult Literature (to be vague). Well, in the realm of Literature Theory, Young Adult Literature still has yet to really be ventured into. The age range isn’t appealing enough to critics. However, I was surprised and relieved to find that the library not only has an abundance of essays (via the online databases we have access to) but also a slew of books on the Young Adult Literature Theory as well. I’m still shocked.


These tales might not seem that marvelous to you, but I’m sure you’ve run into situations of your own similar to these. And I think we can all agree, that it’s nice to have somewhere to fall back on when struggling through your classes. And that somewhere at D’Youville is the Montante Family Library.


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