DTC 210 Food & Culture: For the Food Loving Student

Food and Culture (DTC 210) is one of my favorite classes at D’Youville. Not only is my professor Megan Whelan an awesome teacher, but I absolutely loving making and especially sampling the various foods. It is always a new experience.

Every week in class we prepare at least one dish that I have never tasted before. For students living in the dorms who do not have the means to cook at school, the class is very enjoyable. When I’m away at school I miss the luxury of being able to cook my own food. Food and culture allows me to get back in the kitchen cooking and exploring new recipes. Anyone who enjoys cooking, learning about new cultures, or simply eating good food should take this class. I originally enrolled in this course because friends told me it was fun, I enjoy cooking, and any class that feeds me is automatically #1 in my book!

professor discussing recipes

Megan Whelan talking about this week’s South American recipes.

Food and Culture is a basic food preparation and cultural education course that is required for the dietetics program and is available as an elective for all other students. Each week students are taught about a particular culture or region and the associated food traditions. Dishes from each culture are prepared by small groups of students to be shared among the whole class at the end.

Below is a picture recap of an average day in class:

student washing his hands in the kitchen

First Students must wash their hands and put on hairnets and aprons. Students must always be sure to follow New York health regulations.

two females putting gloves on before handling food

Students are required to wear gloves when handling food.

Ingredients are then gathered.

Students gathering ingredients

Students gathering ingredients for their recipes.

student looking into refrigerator

Checking the fridge for fresh veggies.

Food Preparation can then begin.

student dicing up vetetables

Dicing up veggies

students preparing food

Parker and Laura preparing chipa bread

student preparing food

Preparing the pineapple for the pineapple salsa

students in kitchen

The flour exploded!

students in kitchen

Sad faces because the flour exploded and made a mess.

students dicing up vegetables

Having a blast dicing up the tomatoes and green beans!

student making pancakes in kitchen

Mmm pancakes… potato pancakes!

students chopping up vegetables

Getting really into chopping those veggies!

The food is done! Time to Eat!

various food

Look at all the color!

various foods


students in buffet line

Let’s Eat!

plate of various foods

Guess who’s not making dinner tonight?

plate of various foods

Mmm good!

students enjoying food at table

Enjoying the fruits of our labor!

Special shout out to my new friend Parker for taking some of these awesome pictures for me!

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