Fall Sports at D’Youville College: Get Active and Make Friends!

THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For many student athletes at D’Youville this phrase from the movie 300 serves as a rally cry. D’Youville offers 14 intercollegiate NCAA Division III level sports as well as club hockey (which is highly competitive). For freshman or transfer students with athletic eligibility, joining a sport team at D’Youville is a great way to have a jump start at making new and lasting friendships.


In the fall the following sports are offered:

Women:  Tennis, Volleyball, Club Hockey, Soccer, Golf, Cross-Country, and Crew.

Men: Soccer, Cross-country, Club Hockey, and Golf.

Although Men’s and Women’s Basketball is a winter sport, practice begins in the fall so it is another great sport for meeting people early-on.

Members of the Spring 2013 Crew Team with their new boat

Members of the Spring 2013 Crew Team with their new boat The Spirit of St. Marguerite d’Youville

Now many of you girls out there might be asking yourselves (unless you have already googled it) “What in the world is crew?” And for those of you who do know bear with me for a bit. Crew is a physically demanding team sport in which groups of 5-9 girls work together to move a boat. There are always either 4-8 rowers (depending on the size of the rowing boat) plus a coxswain. The coxswain controls the rhythms of the strokes as well as the direction of the boat. Crew has both a fall season with long distance races and a spring season with short distance races. Crew is a no cut sport at D’Youville, but you must earn your spot on the boat for more competitive races. Most races take place on Saturdays, but occasionally there are Sunday races as well. Practice is typically at 5:30 a.m. Monday-Thursday and at 9:00 a.m. on Sundays at West Side Rowing Club. The rowing club is just down the road from D’Youville, so if weather permits dormers often jog down to practice as a warm-up. Commuters typically drive to the club and drop off the dormers after practice because everyone is usually too tired to jog back to campus.

Members of the Fall 2012 Crew Team Slowing the Boat

Members of the Fall 2012 Crew Team Slowing the Boat

Rowing is a very grueling sport. It works the muscles of the entire body. It is not for everyone, but those who stick it out through the fall and row in the spring as well love it! I participated in crew the fall semester of my freshman year while also running cross-country and discovered that rowing was not for me. I did not enjoy the early wake-ups because I have trouble going to bed early enough to wake up at 5 a.m. I was also pretty good at catching crabs (getting my oar stuck in the water’s current) so I did not like rowing in the boat very much. However, the team was full of energy and coach is very knowledgeable so I still managed to have lots of fun and enjoy myself while I was on the team.

Below is an older outdated video of the 2008 Women’s Crew Team, but it gives you a small insight into what goes on at practice.



The 2012 Women's Cross-Country Team

The 2012 Women’s Cross-Country Team

Cross-country is another great sport at D’Youville that both men and women can participate in. Cross-country is the only sport with truly co-ed practices. Both teams have the same coaches and practice together Monday-Thursday at 4:30 p.m. The men are typically given a workout that is a little more difficult than the women’s workout. Coach sometimes also makes up special workouts that are more strenuous for the stronger runners so that they too can push themselves and improve. Academics come first and coach is very willing to work with you if you cannot make practice because of school. My freshman year the women’s cross-country team had the highest team GPA in the conference with a 3.59 average!

The 2011 Women's Cross-Country Team Taking off at the Start of the Penn State Behrend Meet

The 2011 Women’s Cross-Country Team Taking off at the Start of the Penn State Behrend Meet

Races are held almost every Saturday during the season at a different location every week. D’Youville provides transportation to the races, but with special permission from coach athletes can also supply their own ride. Typically the women run their 5k (sometimes 6k) race first and the men follow shortly after with their 8k race. After every race we are taken to a restaurant for lunch or dinner and everyone goes on a post-race binge. Eating after the race is one of my favorite parts because we all sit around a table together and goof around, eat, and talk. It is always a fun time.

Old Man River Restaurant front

One of the local restaurants we went to after a race



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