Attend D’Youville College! Reasons Why You Should or Shouldn’t

In these final weeks leading up to my graduation from D’Youville, I’ve found myself reminiscing almost constantly on my four years here and also wondering what made me decide to attend.

When you're here, you're almost there

And this all led me to thinking of reasons why you should enroll here and, more than that, reasons why you shouldn’t. I know what you’re all thinking…How am I possibly saying this?! Well, hear me out, and I promise you’ll understand. So here we go, a list of reasons why you shouldn’t and why you should attend D’Youville College.

Class Size

a. You shouldn’t attend D’Youville if you want the enrollment in each of your classes to be well over two hundred, or a hundred, or even fifty students. If all you want to do is sit idly by in the back corner of the room, either on some form of social media or sleeping, managing to scrape by with a C- in the course.

large class of students

The Shouldn’t: Large Class Sizes

b. You should attend D’Youville if you want to feel involved in each of your classes, a room full of around twenty students. If you want to learn on an intimate level (oftentimes, hands-on), feeling as though your thoughts and opinions are not only warranted but wanted.

Attend DYC: Should/Shouldn't

The Should: Hands-on, Intimate Classrooms

School Spirit

a. You shouldn’t attend D’Youville if you want football around every corner, with academics shying in its light. If you want to show your school support by raising banners and shouting cheers instead of earning your keep in society.

Attend DYC: Should/Shouldn't

The Shouldn’t: Large Football-Oriented School

b. You should attend D’Youville if you want your school spirit on the most well-balanced of diets, where sports and academics, and clubs and publications, and each student stands on an equal playing field. If you want to feel all though you’re an integral cog in D’Youville’s infrastructure, instead of a shadow lurking in somebody’s wake.

Attend DYC: Should/Shouldn't

The Should: Every Voice is Heard (Student Association Meeting)

The Community Life

a. You shouldn’t attend D’Youville if you want to hide in the ebb and flow of people, if you want to see your orientation roommate at orientation and graduation. If you want to be an individual in a sea of individuals, where you don’t need to remember anyone’s name.

Attend DYC: Should/Shouldn't

The Shouldn’t: Overwhelmingly large population

b. You should attend D’Youville if you want to be a part of a community. If you want to see the same faces, and share in the same memories, and feel as though you’re a part of something big. If you want to know that you have bonds that could definitely last a lifetime.

Attend DYC: Should/Shouldn't

The Should: A Community of People

So there you have it! I hope you can find some of D’Youville’s key tenant hidden in there! In all honesty though, D’Youville does keep these things present in their society. Graduation might be a welcomed event in so many ways, but it’s also a sad goodbye.

So judge accordingly! Should or shouldn’t you go to D’Youville?! Well, that’s really up to you. Let me know below. Or let me know other reasons why you should/shouldn’t go to D’Youville.

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