Should I be a College RA?

I lived on the DYC campus during my freshman year. My RA (or Resident Assistant) at the time was a very laid back person. I saw that being a RA is a huge commitment, but it offers a lot of rewards. So what are these rewards? To find out, I interviewed a current DYC RA to find out more about what this job is all about.

Meet Samantha
samathaSamantha is a senior at D’Youville, majoring in Health Services. She’s also a 3rd year Resident Assistant (a.k.a. RA). According to Samantha, some of her job responsibilities include setting up events and helping new students feel welcome. This is all things she enjoys, although the job can be stressful. For example, fire alarms going off and being woken up at 3am isn’t exactly fun, but it isn’t all gray hairs. I asked her how she balances schoolwork and being an RA. Her answer: ” I have to write everything down and visually see my goals.” She always has to have a to do list.

This job has perks.
foodSome of the job perks are 75 percent off room and board including your choice of a 19 meal plan or 14 meal plan with 250 Spartan Bucks. Resident assistants also receive a $100 monthly stipend. To add icing on the cake senior RAs receive free room and board! Not bad considering many students would love having their own room as well as a meal plan. One of the best perks is that you can be involved on campus, while growing your resume.

Being an RA is fun, but there are rules.
dorm1While being an RA is tons of fun, bending the rules is not accepted as this can cost you your job, says Sam. Another challenge of the job is being on duty when you may want to go hangout with friends. If a RA is on duty they have to remain in their building until the morning. If you aren’t on duty you are free to enjoy your social life.



How did she get the job?
First, you to have experience living on campus. There are also several interviews dorms2involved. She started as an RA in the Marguerite Hall, and now works in the Student Apartment Complex. To learn more about being an RA contact the DYC Residence Life office.

Closing thoughts….
According to Sam, she took the RA job so she could grow as a person, which she says she definitely has done. She says being an RA is decision she would have made again.


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