The Haunted Side of Western New York

In case you haven’t heard, Western New York is haunted! If you’re tired of the regular Halloween scene and looking for something to do, check out some these creepy haunts around town!

Things to bring: PS, flashlight, and a friend!


Pigman Road/ Angola Horror, Angola

Just past the town of Angola, located 35 minutes south of Buffalo, you come to a winding narrow road called Holland Road. Make a left turn onto Holland Road, and you will soon approach the site of the Angola Horror.

Angola bridge


Angola bridge

Tragedy on the Tracks
In the  late 1800s, a train crashed on the tracks on the bridge above.  Nearly everyone escaped, only to be burned alive by the train stoves that fell below. During my investigation of this site, as we cautiously walked underneath the bridge, a train came along the tracks. We also ran across some other ghost hunters that scared us more than anything else! I suggest coming here at night with a full moon like my friends and I did to especially spook yourselves out!

Goodleberg Cemetery, South Wales

A small cemetery on Goodleberg Road in South Wales was the site of our next investigation.


goodleberg site

A Woman Dressed In Black
It is said that the ghost of a woman in black has been seen walking down Goodleberg Road.  Some have claimed to hear children crying and to see the tiny handprints of children on their windshield.

The Legend
Legend has it that the remains of women and unborn children that came under the hands of a turn of the century abortionist are scattered within and around the grounds.  At the end of a dead end road and in a field under the light of the full moon, the cemetery seemed peaceful to me and filled with Civil War veterans. However, our driver was exceptionally spooked by this site and asked to leave almost immediately.  I began to feel a little myself when I began to snap pictures… Go visit if you dare!

Rolling Hills Asylum, East Bethany

I am not sure what could be spookier than staying up all night in the middle of farm fields in an old Victorian insane asylum. That is exactly one of the activities you can do if you dare at Rolling Hills Asylum in Bethany, adjacent to Genesee County Forest and a few short miles east of Darien Lake.

Creepy, Even During the Day
Even by daylight, approaching this site in the middle of peaceful farmlands has always spooked me out. The building was an antique mall for some time before it was a popular spook destination. What happened was that the owners began to notice strange occurrences, such as voices with no one around, unnaturally slamming doors, shadow people, and screams in the night.

Visit this Site if You Dare
There are ghost tours at several times throughout the day and even overnight stays at the asylum; prices start around $20. Unfortunately, I did not want to go here alone and no one in my group was brave enough to venture here at night. This site is rated #2 in the US and #4 in the world as one of the most haunted places!

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Be Safe and Have a Happy Halloween!!






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