Make Every Minute Count

When you begin your college career, you’re bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Your purpose is to explore, and try new things.


What’s Your Purpose
We shouldn’t forget what our purpose is for being in college. We also shouldn’t forget that someone has paid our way for us to have an education, whether it’s our parents, grandparents, scholarships, financial aid or even ourselves in some cases.


Make Every Minute Count
The point is, we don’t want to waste the efforts or money of those that helped us to afford this opportunity. How exactly can we do that?  By literally making every single minute count. I know it sounds intimidating and undoable, but it’s really possible.

Be Aware of Events and Assignments
If you’re anything like me, you always want to be aware of the events that you have coming up, the assignments you have to do, places you have to be, and the people that you have to see.

calendar on computer screen

An easy way to do this is to take a major advantage of day planners, and schedules and planner apps (which for most people is the favorite of the list.)

screen shot of day planner

Scheduling Every Minute
Back to scheduling every single minute of our lives (okay maybe not every single minute), but the life of your average student (me and you) can be hectic to say the least.

Google Calendar App
One great planner app is The Google Calendar App, Which allows you to edit down to the minute. It is available for android here and IOS here. It also shows a nice visual display of the amount of time a given event will take up in your day.


day planner

List Everything………I’m Serious
It might sound crazy but I try my best to list everything that I need to do because it puts me at ease as I check off the things that I’ve accomplished on any given day.

meal scheduleYou Should Even Schedule Your Meals
This is where it gets weird; I also schedule my meals and free time. The reason that I do this is because it’s easy to get distracted while eating meals because meals are often a social time used not only for stuffing our face. We also use our meal times to catch up the latest gossip, to recap our favorite T.V. shows, planning shopping trips (or online window shopping in most cases), and talking about this awesome new song that we heard on the radio.

Basically we use mealtimes to do everything BUT eat. So it’s good to have a plan of action and stick to it when it comes to your day.

Screenshot of scheduleScreenshot of scheduleScreenshot of schedule

I Also Recommend Scheduling In Your Free Time
It’s also a great idea to schedule in free time because it gives you something to look forward to throughout the day and it stops you from getting carried away in those beautiful and very rare moments of freedom!  Oh, and it took me about four years to learn of this valuable gold that I am sharing with you today.

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