Why I Love the D’Youville Apartments

As a freshman and sophomore I could not wait until I could move into the D’Youville College apartments.

The apartments are exclusive to full-time D’Youville students that are at least 21 years old, or in their third year of college.


The dorms (Marguerite Hall) are decent and I enjoyed my time residing in them, but the apartments are so nice that they put the dorms to shame!

This year marks my third year living on campus (which means I’m now qualified to live in the apartments)! I’m going to share with you the pros, cons and all the in-betweens that contribute to my overall love of living at the D’Youville apartments.

1.  Convenience

I love living in the DYC apartments because all of my classes are just a hop, skip, and a jump away. It is wonderful that I can make it on time to class even if I leave my room five minutes before it starts. This also allows me to get the maximum amount of sleep. The walk to class is even less than the short walk from the dorms. I also love being right across the street from 7-Eleven and right down the road from the Armory restaurant and Rite-Aid. The only convenience I miss about the dorms is being so close to the College Center where most of the DYC events take place. If I am busy I no longer pop in to the events to get food or snacks because of the slightly longer walk, especially if it is cold. I also do not have to worry about parking like many of my commuter friends because residents have guaranteed parking in the resident lots. The only con about living on campus is only being able to host two overnight guests per week and having a few more restrictions than those that live in off-campus housing.

2. Individual Bedrooms

The apartments offer studio apartments or quads (4 bedroom, 2 bath apartment). I live in a quad with three other girls and I love it!

We each have our own bedroom and we share a bathroom with one other roommate. All of us share a kitchen and living room. I feel like this is the perfect set up because I can have my space in my own room when I need it and I always have people to talk to if I do not feel like being alone. It is the best of both worlds! (Eww I just quoted Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana!)

Overnight Guests
Another advantage that comes along with having my own room is that the rules on overnight guests are slightly different than the dorms. Unlike the dorms, apartment residents are allowed to have overnight guests of the opposite gender, if they so choose, because they do not share a bedroom with their apartment-mates.

photo (2)

A typical quad bedroom. (The room is difficult to capture on an iPhone because of the angle and zoom)

3. Kitchen

The food at D’Youville is pretty good, but I love to cook! The apartments have a standard kitchen and I love preparing my own meals and eating whatever I desire whenever I choose. This allows me to be more flexible and to not worry about if I will make the meal times at the dining hall. I am always cooking or baking and apparently a lot of people in the apartments have said that I make great food. Cooking is as simple as using Google and following directions so I do not understand how other people struggle with this. I also enjoy testing or playing with recipes that I learned in the Intro to Culinary Skills class that I take here at D’Youville. The kitchen is also great for entertaining friends. My only complaint is not having a dishwasher or a garbage disposal, but those are luxury items.


My Wonderful Kitchen!

4. Common Area

As I said before the quads have a common area that everyone shares. It is quite large and the size of the living room alone is nearly equivalent to the size of my double room in the dorms last year. I love having a room outside my bedroom, to relax in with friends, that is still somewhat private. The common area is great for having friends over and the couch makes a great spot for guests to crash when they are spending the night.

Some of the Cross-Country Team Hanging Out in My Living Room

Some of the Cross-Country Team Hanging Out in My Living Room

5. Basement Laundry

Like the dorms, the apartments also have a laundry room in the basement. There are several washers and dryers and they are connected to an online monitoring system. This online system makes it possible for me to view which washers or dryers are open online before I take my laundry downstairs.

No coins needed
The laundry service in the apartments is free! I never have to pay to wash or dry my clothes. (I might go broke if I had to pay for each load like some of my friends at other colleges.) I also do not have to worry about wasting time going to a Laundromat like many of my friends who live in off-campus apartments.

photo 3 (1)

The Laundry Room

6. Basement Game Room/ Computer Lab

In the basement of the apartments there is also a game room and a computer lab. The game room has a flat-screen TV, darts, a pool table, ping-pong, a foosball table, as well as several high-top tables and chairs. The game room is a great place to hang with friends and relieve stress. Some people even like to study in the game room. The computer lab is located right behind the game room and is equipped with several computers and a printer. Printing is free, but students must provide their own paper. I love being able to print things in the basement if my printer is not working correctly and I do not feel like walking over to the computer lab in the DAC.

photo 2 (1)

The Game Room

photo 1 (1)

The Computer Lab

7. There Are Only Four Floors

The dorms have twelve floors and Marguerite Hall is one of the tallest buildings on the west side of Buffalo. I used to live on the ninth floor and it was an incredible workout climbing up all nine flights of stairs whenever I re-entered the building after a fire drill.

The D’Youville apartments only have four floors and I live on the second floor. I take the stairs everyday and it is wonderful not waiting for the elevator all the time or walking up and down a ridiculous amount of stairs during a fire drill.

But I Do Miss the Dorms
Reflecting on all my time residing at D’Youville I definitely prefer the apartments, but I do miss some things about the dorms. Overall, I love living in the apartments because they give me more freedom and there is not as much noise or distraction.

No More Visits to the Dining Hall
When I lived in the dorms, I went to the Dining Hall for nearly all meals. I would see and meet everyone during meal times and now that I live in the apartments I no longer meet people in the dining hall. I miss knowing everyone because I no longer go to the dining hall every day for dinner.

More Privacy in the Apartments
Most people who live in the apartments do not hang outside their rooms much. The apartments are very quiet and they allow me to focus on my studies.

I Miss the Spectacular Views from the Dorms
I also miss the spectacular view I had from my room on the lakeside of the 9th floor. Every day I was able to look out my window at Canada and watch the sunset over the lake until it was dark enough for the peace bridge to light up in a rainbow of color.

Below are some additional photos of the common area in my apartment:

photo 3

Cross-Country Pasta Dinner!

photo 4

The XC Girls Around my Kitchen Table

photo 2

My Couch is Great for Chilling or Sleeping On!

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