Stay in the Loop: Social Media for D’Youville College students

We’re now in an era in which today’s college students have grown up using computers. Many current students including myself learned how to use computers as early as preschool. It’s the age of the internet and social media, and if you’re not online, you’re out of the loop.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the social media sites of choice and D’Youville is making its footprint on them. Below you can find out about all that is happening online with DYC.


facebook2There are several D’Youville fan pages. There’s the basic D’Youville College page, a D’Youville Athletics page, a Student Association Page, a student newspaper page, a bookstore page, and several other student club pages.

These pages let students know all about what is happening on campus, how the sports teams are doing, and what the deals are at the bookstore.


instragramD’Youville is relatively new to Instagram. The college uploads photos to its Instagram account DYOUVILLECOLLEGE.  Instagram is also used by the student ambassadors (dycambassadors) and the student club Enactus at DYC (enactusdyc).


Twitter is probably the most popular form of social media at D’Youville. Not only are there Twitter accounts run by the college, DYC Athletics, and student association, but there are also several student run accounts for laughs and jokes about D’Youville. Twitter attracts the most student interaction with and about D’Youville.

@Dyouville keeps the DYC community informed about campus happenings, updates, and various D’Youville related content. D’Youville is also kick-starting a #DYC initiative to get the D’Youville community more involved and connected. Soon there will be #DYC posters around campus. Students will be encouraged to Tweet #DYC about the good, the bad, and everything else D’Youville related. Currently the hashtag DYC is also utilized mainly by a Spanish Whisky company. The companies logo is DYC.

twitter@DYCAthletics keeps students informed about athletic events, news, and competitions. It also honors the student athletes of the week.

@DYCcatalyst is a newly created twitter account for the student newspaper. Students are encouraged to tweet photo submissions for the paper and responses to questions posed by the Catalyst committee. #DYCcatalyst

Some of the student run twitter accounts for laughs and fun include @DYCCrush, @DYCLookALikes, and @DYCProblems. These twitter accounts are silly and cannot be taken seriously. Many of the tweets composed by these accounts are over exaggerated or misinformed, but if one is looking for a few D’Youville-related laughs then these accounts are spot on.





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