Feeling Stressed? Free Campus Resources Are Available

As the semester begins to wind down, we are all frantically trying to gain some footing in the mountain of work that we’re standing in. This time in the semester is liable to have us stressed, confused, and in some cases, ready to give up.  Fear not!

D’Youville College’s campus is rich with resources to help us survive these academic challenges. Two of the most important resources that you will come across are the Learning Center and the Personal Counseling Center. Both provide support to get us in the right state of mind to work and be productive.
The Learning Center

The goal of the Learning Center is to keep us focused and help us feel more secure in our academic talents. The Learning Center is especially useful to those that are new to the rigorous college environment. We all know that college can be distracting for those who are just beginning as well as those that have been in college for several years. It can also be a challenge as we begin to take on more demanding classes and the added responsibilities that come along with them.

Lighten the Workload

Books-570x379The Learning Center offers some great services that help each student to improve and ultimately conquer all of their tasks. Some services that are offered include skills classes in content reading, vocabulary development, math, college writing support, peer and professional tutoring, academic counseling, and an academic success workshop.

Each of these services can help lighten the workload because we have some help carrying them. The Learning Center is located on the fourth floor of the KAB building.

For more information please visit The Learning Center Website

The Personal Counseling Center

Psychoanalysis: man on couch with therapistAnother precious gem hidden on our campus is the Personal Counseling Center. The goal of the Personal Counseling Center is to give students a positive outlet at times when school, work, assignments, and more private aspects of life seem unbearable. The appointments that take place are 100% confidential and can be very beneficial.

Be Proactive!

Sometimes just having someone to talk to is all that we really need, as our friends may be caught up in their own personal lives. The Personal Counseling Center promises to listen to your concerns and help you be proactive in resolving any issues.  They can help you find better ways to manage the stress brought on by your issues and concerns. The Personal Counseling Center is located on the first floor of Marguerite Hall.

Don’t Forget About Mental Health

arobot-couch-therapist-cartoonAs students we focus on our grades, physical fitness, and whether or not we eat or are getting enough sleep, but sometimes we neglect our mental health. We should strive to be healthy overall, and taking full advantage of the Personal Counseling Center will help you do just that.

For more information you can visit the Personal Counseling Center Website.

I hope that each of us will use these resources to navigate ourselves to the end of semester successfully.




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