The Student Behind The Uniform: Meet a student veteran at D’Youville College

Meet the Student Behind the Uniform
Meet Waldo Rivera Ortiz, a history major and one of the nearly 450 student veterans on the D’Youville College campus.

airforce_oneDuring Waldo’s military service, he was deployed in the Middle East and responsible for guarding Air Force One. Now, you can find Waldo on the D’Youville campus studying and enjoying the company of his many fellow student veterans. He gave a decade of his life to serve our country and serves as an example that freedom is made possible by the exceptional men and women in the armed forces.

Why D’Youville?
He came to D’Youville because its close knit community and because it tops the lists of military-friendly schools. He’s a History major and after he graduates he hopes to become a history teacher, with a very strong concentration on military history. I also want to be a history teacher, so along with being classmates maybe one day we’ll be coworkers!

Waldo loves how D’Youville has helped him transition from a military officer to a canstockphoto0757733thriving student. One who recently earned a score of 100 percent on a midterm!

Campus Involvement
Waldo currently serves as president of the D’Youville Student History club. He also is a Senator for the D’Youville Student Association. Although Waldo isn’t in the heat of fire or protecting the President of the United States right now, he’s far from unarmed. Just last weekend he was leading a zombie apocalypse for the Math and Natural Sciences department! He’s also a huge supporter of D’Youville’s soccer team.

World Traveler
In all, Waldo has been to a total of six countries. He recently traveled to Italy with D’Youville, for a two-week faculty-led study abroad experience. He plans to study abroad in Ireland next semester.

What’s Next for Waldo?
I asked Waldo if he would ever run for political office. He answered, “sure, why not?” Personally I would vote for this veteran on any given Tuesday.

Final Thoughts
Waldo says he doesn’t regret a day of his military service. As he describes it, the skills and training he received in the military have helped him become the man he is today. He believes that the military can help many Americans provide for their families and achieve a middle-class lifestyle.

If you’re ever looking for Waldo, who happens to be a huge boxing fan, you can usually find him at Buffalo Wild Wings enjoying the pay per view fights.

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