What does the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) mean for D’Youville Students?

To find out more about the Affordable Care Act and how it will impact the health insurance options of D’Youville College students, I reached out to Nicole Conroe, our DYC Health Center Director, for answers.

Nicole Conroe, director of the D'Youville College Health Center

Nicole Conroe, director of the D’Youville College Health Center

How has the Affordable Care Act impacted the health insurance options for D’Youville students?

At D’Youville, we no longer offer a domestic student health insurance policy.  We refer all students back to their state of residence website for insurance qualifications.







What is the significance of October 1, 2013 in regards to the Affordable Care Act? 

October 1 was the launch date for the Healthcare Marketplace (Affordable Care Act).  This allowed individuals to go online and enroll in a health insurance program that will be effective 1/1/2014.

What information is important for allied health majors to know about health insurance?

Prior to going out on clinical they are required to have health insurance coverage.

What should students know about the effects of the Affordable Care Act being under their parents insurance?

For those students already covered under their parents there is no change.  A few years ago, they rose the age of coverage for students to 26.  The Marketplace will determine if you are eligible to be covered under your parents.  If parents are not already covered by their employer they may be able to cover their student child as well.

What is important for international students to know about the Affordable Care Act?

Our “True International” (non-Canadian) students do not fall under the Affordable Care Act and will continue to pay for the school insurance coverage.

What is the role of the DYC Health Center during this transition?

We are available for guidance and to answer any questions.  The services provided by the Health Center have not changed.

Where can students go for more information about the Affordable Care Act?

More information is available at www.healthcare.gov

Watch this YouTube video to learn more.




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