The Buffalo Botanical Gardens: An Adventure for the Nature Loving Student

photo (10)The Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens, a short 15-minute ride away from the D’Youville campus, is a wonderful asset to the city of Buffalo. For anyone who loves gardening, plants, or appreciates nature, the Botanical Gardens is the place to see.


Exotic and Unique Tropical Plants

The Botanical Gardens were planned by Buffalo’s famous city planner Fredrick Law Olmstead. Professor John F. Cowell traveled the world and filled the gardens with exotic and unique tropical plants. The gardens have been around for over 100 years and when they first opened, the exotic plants were a major attraction because television photo (2)and mass photography did not exist. The gardens may not be as attractive to the general public as they once were, but if you have not seen them for yourself, you are missing out!

My Introduction to the Gardens

I was first told about the Botanical Gardens my freshman year in Dr. Hechtel’s Bio 101 class. Dr. Hechtel invited a representative from the gardens to come speak to my class and educate us about the Botanical Gardens.  Though it has been some time since that presentation, a friend and I recently decided to check it out.

Surround Yourself with Naturephoto (12)

Visiting the Botanical Gardens was a terrific idea! The plants were gorgeous and the sweet smell of nature emanated from the building. The enormous greenhouse is breath-taking and makes one feel like a jungle explorer while touring the gardens.

The Gardens at Christmas Timephoto (9)

In honor of the Christmas season, the Botanical Gardens hosted a special poinsettia show and several holiday decorations were scattered throughout the greenhouses. The beauty of it all was amazing and seeing all the unique plants first-hand was exciting.

photo (13)photo (8)

DYC at the Gardens

photo (11)I even got to see the exhibit created by the D’Youville School of Pharmacy. Back in the Fall of 2011 D’Youville’s School of Pharmacy created a medicinal garden exhibit in conjunction with Mercy Hospital at the Botanical Gardens. The exhibit features several plants used within medicine and educates the public about the value of these plants in the medical field.

Until Next Time

photo (3)Unfortunately, I visited the gardens about an hour before closing time and was unable to see everything the Botanical Gardens has to offer. However, I definitely plan on visiting again when I have time to check everything out. Perhaps I will go in the spring when everything is in full bloom or when they have another special show.


Have you been to the Botanical Gardens? Tell me what you thought of it in the comment section below.





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  • Candice,
    I am a staff member at the gardens and was truly grateful for your article on our place. I was also disappointed that you did not have enough time to experience the entire facility…. and so…I would like to invite you to a free visit for you and a friend on me. Please email back so I can arrange the tickets.
    Thanks again

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