New Year, New Semester, New Club?


Welcome back fellow Spartans! 2014 is a go, 2013 is gone. However, a new year gives light to new opportunities. A fresh start at classes. A chance to continue or start building your academic and social resume. New friendships will begin. With all the potential and promise that 2014 has to offer, have you ever considered starting your own club?


Let’s Get Started!

I had the privilege to talk with the Assistant Director of Student Activities & Events, Mary Pfeiffer, and she gave me all the know-how on beginning your own club here at D’Youville. It is true that we have over thirty clubs at D’Youville, but we live in ‘Merica people and if you have an idea for a club you want to start here’s how to begin.

1. Adviser & Members

the_hoot_11-21-08final_page_05_image_0001Unfortunately, as much as you and your bestie love each other, the two of you can’t start your own club. All clubs need at least ten members. So petition for your club idea and achieve ten signatures of students who want to be a part of your club. Next you will need a faculty or staff member to agree to act as the club adviser.

 2. Club Constitution

Once you’ve completed that, your club needs a detailed constitution. Remember this is ‘Merica! This is more than a mission statement, it needs to explain in detail why you want to start this club, what will be your focus, what will be expected of club members, how often will you meet, and what your goals are.

 3. All in Favor, Say “I”

Once you’ve submitted your club’s constitution, student association will put the club idea to a vote. If your club is athletically based it will go to the Athletics department. Fingers crossed they decide to vote in your favor. When you’re here you’re almost there sounds familiar I know! vote-1 If you haven’t already, make sure to send a dozen roses to President Sister Denise A. Roche because she too has the power to deny the club. Think of this as a veto. Remember this isn’t bribery this is just lobbying if you will!

 4. Success!

Once your club is approved, (congratulations!) you now can decide on club positions such as president, secretary, and treasurer. Best of luck to you all on starting the next amazing club here at D’Youville and continuing to make D’Youville a positive and fun learning environment! I look forward to signing up!

Do you have an idea for a new club? Let us know in the comments section below!

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