Recapping the Storm: The Blizzard of 2014 D’Youville Edition

While some were on a beach vacation somewhere far far away, many of us were around to experience what might have been the worst winter storm in recent memory. Wind chills reached as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit with blustery winds up to 40 miles per hour.  The thruway was closed and driving on other roads proved treacherous as salt failed to melt the  ice on roadways making it a rocky ride for anyone that tried to brave the storm.


Travel Bans Spread

White out conditions made driving or even venturing outside nearly impossible. Travel bans were in effect for most of the Buffalo Southtowns, Wyoming and Genesee counties for most of Tuesday and Wednesday, January 7th and 8th.  While this might be the worst storm many of us have experienced, the Buffalo News has compiled a list of the worst winter storms this area has experienced throughout the past century, complete with pictures!

Below are images collected from local area residents from our recent storm:

the view from the doorway. Lackawanna, ny

Contemplating venturing outside, Lackawanna

Hamburg Resident braves the storm for an evening stroll

Hamburg Resident braves the storm for an evening stroll










DYC Public Safety Officers Brave the Storm

I caught up with public safety officers Frank Niemiec and Aaron Brantley to see what D’Youville was like during the storm. While no students were on the campus grounds through the storm, Public Safety was still on campus, performing rounds and safety checks to ensure that everything was running smoothly around campus and to make sure that anyone walking around campus was safe.

snow dyouville

A Quiet DYC

Campus Security Lieutenant Frank Niemiec described  the conditions at D’Youville as quiet as there were no students around, but very cold and extremely windy, making regular rounds around campus very difficult. At one point, the officers couldn’t even see the lamp post outside the building only about ten feet away. This is a photo of the effects of a campus round by Campus Security Lieutenant Aaron Brantley.




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