Celebrating Valentine’s Day: College Edition

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner on Friday, February 14 and if you are dating anyone they are expecting to celebrate their relationship with you. Valentine’s Day is all about kind gestures, romance, and sharing love with one another. Valentine’s Day can be pricey, but I am going to give both the guys and the ladies a few Valentine’s Day ideas to fit their budget. Traditionally, Valentine’s Day has been viewed as a holiday for the women so I am going to start with ideas for the guys.


1. Take her out or cook her dinner.

If it is in your budget to take her out to dinner be sure to make a reservation at her favorite restaurant well in advance. Call the restaurant a week or two ahead of time and find out when they will be taking Valentine’s Day reservations.Man and woman at romantic dinner It is very difficult to find a place to dine without a long wait on Valentine’s Day with no reservations. If you are a little low on cash stay in and cook her a romantic dinner. Bonus points if you set up candles and have a bottle of wine (or sparkling grape juice if you are under 21). She will love that you put in the extra effort to prepare a romantic meal and staying in will allow the date to be more intimate. A friend once set up his dorm room as a romantic dinner date and his girlfriend loved it!


2. Get her flowers.

This is not a must, but if you want to make a romantic gesture or want a little extra something, flowers are great! They do not have to be roses, any beautiful bouquet will do. man giving woman bunch of carrotsIf she works on Valentine’s Day, sending her flowers will be sure to excite her and make her more impatient for date night with you. If she’s ever mentioned that she does not like flowers, think of something else. In “No Strings Attached,” Ashton Kutcher gave his date a bouquet of carrots because she thought flowers were pointless. Be thoughtful and creative!

3. One Word…Chocolate!!

Women love chocolate! Definitely get your girl chocolate, even if it is only a little bit. It is pretty self explanatory here, but if she is abnormal and does not like chocolate, give her candy or something thoughtful. You definitely don’t want to give her chocolate if she doesn’t like it because you want to avoid this reaction:

Sweet, sweet chocolate. I always hated itYou’ll want to get her her favorite goodies whether it is chocolate or cashews. It is the thought that counts. Nothing shows her that you care more than meaningful gestures and thoughtful gifts. Plus chocolate is a known aphrodisiac… just saying;)

4. Don’t just sign your name in a pre-made card.

Buy a card that applies to your relationship and add your own personal message, or better yet, buy a blank one. You want the card to be a personal expression of your feelings towards your partner. A line from Hallmark can’t do this alone. If you really want to impress, make your own Valentine. A homemade card and personal message is definitely romantic.

5. Set aside time for your loved one.

Obviously you want to spend Valentine’s Day with your partner, but if that is impossible take the time to call your Valentine and let them know you are thinking about them. Showing that you care is the most important part of Valentine’s Day.

Listen up ladies now it is your turn!

Man and woman in kitchen cooking1. Cook for him.

If he is working late or has night classes chances are he will have plans to treat you on an alternate day. This is your opportunity! Surprise him that night by cooking his favorite meal and prepare a dessert the two of you can share. He will love coming home to a wonderful dinner and will appreciate your effort to do something special for him. The old saying goes “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”


2. Make him a card.

You want to receive a heartfelt card and so does he. A homemade card is much more meaningful than anything you can buy and will likely be a lot prettier too. envelope sealed with a kissTake the time to craft a beautiful Valentine and write a special heartfelt note. The written word is such a wonderful gift. He will go crazy over a handwritten note from you. Be sure to express your feelings towards him and give genuine compliments. A hint of your favorite perfume and a kiss next to your signature with red lipstick are a few nice touches to spice up your card. Check out Pinterest for some great homemade card ideas!

3. Get him something thoughtful.

giftDoes he really like the Bills, have a hobby, or a favorite candy? Use what you know about him to pick out something special. Do not go over-the-top, especially if your relationship is relatively new. However, get him something simple that you know he likes. I sound like a broken record, but the main idea is to show him that you care by getting him something thoughtful.

decorated cupcakes4. Bake him something.

If you are not already preparing him dinner, there are plenty of awesome Valentine’s Day recipes you can make. Try making heart cut out cookies or red velvet cupcakes. Better yet, make him his favorite kind of dessert!

5. Give him a back massage.

Guys love back massages! Lay him face down, get him relaxed, and let your hands do the magic. If you have lotion or massage oil handy feel free to use that too. The back massage will be intimate, it won’t cost you anything, and he will feel great. He might even return the favor!

Woman giving man a back massageGifts, cards, and flowers are all fun extras on Valentine’s Day. The important thing is to make your partner feel special and to express your love. Spend time with that special someone and follow your heart. These are just a few Valentine’s Day ideas, but to make it extra special, get personal. Be romantic and customize your Valentine’s Day efforts to your own relationship.


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