The College Poker Face: Tips for the Enactus Poker Tournament


Whether you think Texas Hold Em is all luck or all skill, here are some tips which can help increase your odds of winning at the DYC Enactus Poker Tournament on March 14th.

1. You don’t have to play every hand. You may have heard the phrase “every hand is good before the flop”, but let’s be honest some starting hands are flat out better than others. If you find yourself low on chips you might want to play a little more conservative and only buy into hands when dealt face cards or a high pocket pair.

2. Don’t play a losing hand. It sounds obvious but all too often players will continue to play hands because they are “pot committed”. That is the worst philosophy. If you determine you are playing a losing hand cut your losses and fold.

3. Keep bluffing to a minimum. Its not a bad idea to trick other players now and again, but be careful. All it takes is one player to catch you on a bluff and you may find yourself at a dangerously low chip level.

stick figure poker face4. Observe your opponents. Poker is a game of incomplete information. You will never be shown what your opponent’s cards are during a hand so you must use educated guesswork to put your opponents on a range of potential hands and make your decision on how to proceed from there. Their betting patterns, previous play, and table talk all factor in to what they may be holding.

5. Bring all the luck you have. Bottom line: Texas Hold Em is a game of luck. The most “skilled” players can be defeated by a beginner with a lot of luck. These are just a few tips to keep in mind when playing Texas Hold Em.

Ready to play? Check out the DYC Enactus Poker Tournament on March 14th at the College Center in the side rooms of the PVR at D’Youville College. The dice officially start rolling at 7pm but a head start (6:30pm) and pre-registering will grant you a few extra chips (contact  Buy-ins are only $10 which include food and raffles.


Best of luck! And may the flop be with you…

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