Big Changes in the Works for D’Youville

At a recent Student Association Meeting, Ed Cogan, the Associate Vice President for Operations here at D’Youville, addressed student concerns about campus facilities and presented many new campus improvements. Some of these changes have already occurred, some are in motion, and some are planned for the future.

Cogan joined us at D’Youville as the Associate Vice President for Operations a little over a year ago and has been working hard behind the scenes to keep D’Youville running in tip top shape. Cogan is very enthusiastic about working for the college and shared much of his excitement about the campus improvements with Student Association.

1. The D’Youville Arts, Sciences, and Education Building

The old Gateway-Longview Building on the corner of Niagara and Jersey St. is currently undergoing construction to be converted to the new D’Youville Arts, Sciences, and Education Building. The left wing will be gutted and the main façade facing Niagara St. will remain to preserve the historical appearance of the building. The rest of the old structure will be demolished and rebuilt. The new building will house undergraduate science labs, lecture halls, and classrooms. There will be several faculty offices as well as a coffee kiosk on the first floor and a lounge area with computers on each floor. There will also be an administrative area with a printer on each floor. The building will also be handicap accessible with two elevators and handicap entrances. The completion of the new building is projected to be finished in time for fall 2015.

ase_bldg_rendering_niagara2. The New Athletic Fields

Over the past several years D’Youville has been searching for a way to meet the NCAA Division III home field requirements. With the purchase of land on the corner of Porter Ave. and Fourth Street, D’Youville will soon meet those requirements. The college will begin building a field house with bathrooms and locker rooms as well as the new fields later this spring. The plan is to have the fields completed by this fall.

athletic_fields3. Alt Building Renovations

This summer, lecture hall 150 will undergo minor renovations as the flip desk seating will be replaced with table top style seating to match lecture halls 141 and 158. Once the new Arts, Sciences, and Education building is completed many of the current occupants of the Alt building will be moved. The School of Nursing will remain in Alt. Major renovations to the Alt building will not occur until the college completes the new building and finishes settling into it. Currently, there are no plans as to what exactly the college will renovate in Alt or when they will begin.

photo 1

These flip desks will soon be no more!

4. Marguerite Hall (D’Youville Dorms) Renovations

Last year floors 11 and 12 received new bedroom furniture. This summer bigger renovations will take place. Floors 11 and 12 will be visited again to replace carpeting, the 50’s style kitchenette will be updated, walls will be painted, lounge TV’s will be replaced, and the furniture in the lounges will be replaced. Floors 10, 9, and 7 will also undergo these updates and will receive new bedroom furniture. Cogan hopes to renovate all of the remaining floors in Marguerite during the summer of 2015.

5. Garbage Cans & Recycling

Many students have noticed that there are not many outdoor garbage cans. Many of the outdoor cans had been removed due to their attraction of critters. Soon new rodent-proof, heavy duty garbage cans will be purchased and placed strategically around campus. Trash cans will also be placed near the entrances of each building. In the past, recycling on campus had not been very successful due to a lack of recycling bins. Soon more recycling bins will be placed around campus. The best part is that no separation will be necessary. Anything that can be recycled will be able to go into the bins. The waste management companies will sort the recyclables at their facility. We are going green at DYC!

photo6. New Parking Lot

Recently, D’Youville completed it’s work on the new parking lot behind the Armory. The lot also known as lot H contains 33 spots and is complete with with security cameras and an emergency call box. The lot also has a security booth for a stationed security officer. The lot officially opened for student use earlier this month.


photo 27. Increased Security Measures

This year additional security staff have been hired. Many of those hired have previous military or law enforcement experience. In addition, several new emergency call boxes have been placed around campus, and old call boxes have been replaced with new ones. The benefit of the new call boxes are that they contact security more quickly than the old call boxes. New security cameras have been installed around campus and more cameras are on their way to be installed in areas that need better coverage.



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