Rumble D’Youville Rumble: DYC Boxing Classes

Float like a butterfly sting like a bee D’Youville’s Thursday night boxing class is where you wanna be. Every Thursday from 4:45pm to 5:45pm D’Youville College has a great boxing program held in the dance studio of the College Center.

All Skill Levels Welcome!

I have to admit before the first class I was nervous. Having never boxed I didn’t want to make myself look silly with my technique or by not having any boxing gloves. However, once the class got started I was relieved to learn that the class was open to all skill levels, and boxing equipment was provided. I warmed up with the other students and after some instruction I was throwing jabs and learning how to properly move my body in unison with my punches.

Change Up Your Workout!

The environment was very relaxed but at the same time I received a great workout. I recommend this class to everyone who is looking to begin an exercise routine or those who already have one. Often times our muscles grow used to the same workouts. This one hour class is a great way to shake things up with your routine. Along with learning to throw a sound jab and hook, this class incorporates mountain climbing, ab workouts, squats, and plenty of jokes and great life nuggets.

Female students in boxing class

This is a Co-Ed Boxing Class

The class focuses on proper technique, but if you come with a willingness to learn and burn some calories this class will be a great workout and a way to meet new people.  And in case you’re wondering, gender is irrelevant in this class. The class is actually filled with a strong base of women who attend regularly.

Meet the Supervisor

So who supervisors these classes? Great question! The class is instructed by Kevin Cunningham who has more than thirty years experience in both boxing and martial arts.

Students in boxing classHe has a gym located across from Kleinhans Music Hall that’s open from 6:30am to 9:00pm Monday through Friday and Saturday 8:00am to 3:00pm.  He says that although guys are stronger some of his best fighters have been women. They have great technique and are able to use tact and proper use of their body to their advantage.

The Sweet Science of Boxing

I can already feel my body turning into a lean mean fighting machine. Okay maybe I won’t be in a title fight with Floyd Mayweather but I am getting a great workout,  learning the sweet science of boxing from a professional, and making friends! Hope to see you at the next class fellow Spartans!



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