Million Dollar Idea: Buffalo Business Competition

I for one have often wondered what I could do to revitalize my Buffalo neighborhood. Could I build a health club on the waterfront? Build a D’Youville College Health Center for my west side neighborhood? These things often cross my mind as I sit with a book in the library patiently waiting for spring. But what if I got the chance to actually make them happen? I may be in luck, and so might you. Dream up your best non-retail business scheme for Buffalo, NY and propose the idea here. Hailed as the world’s largest business idea competition, this is part of Governor Cuomo’s Buffalo Billion Project for Buffalo and Western New York revitalization.

Gallagher pier, Buffalo waterfront. photo credit

Gallagher pier, Buffalo waterfront. photo credit

Waterfront Progress

As I drove through Buffalo along route 5, I spotted a wedding party posing, of all places, on a brownfield mound for wedding pictures. In a few months, families will be swimming at Gallagher pier and concert goers will be walking towards the waterfront for an outdoor concert along the water. In the past few years, Buffalo has managed to breathe life into its waterfront, just look at the list of upcoming events.  In the meantime, however, its still snowy and you are cooped up in your dorm room until the weather gets a little warmer and you can check out some of these exciting events.

Chippewa Progress

You never know what a bright idea and some extra cash could do to revitalize Buffalo; look atChippewa Ave evolve over the years.

Chippewa 1975 photo credit

Chippewa 1975 photo credit

a typical evening on chippewa avenue today

a typical evening on Chippewa Avenue today

Your Plan for Progress

Dream up your best business idea for Buffalo and you might have a shot at putting it into action. One lucky winner will receive a million dollars as well as the buildings, mentors and other start up materials to put their local business idea into action. Six runners up will receive 500,000 and materials, and four will receive 250,000 and materials. The catch? The business idea must be something other than the retail or hospitality field.  This competition is exciting because it not only targets Buffalo, but ANYONE can apply, yes even you sitting there in your dorm. Gather your friends, put your heads together and apply now before May 31st. Good Luck!!


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Major: Physical Therapy (DPT)
Where I’m from: Buffalo, NY
When I graduate: I’d like to work in a clinical setting, focusing on pediatrics and women’s health.

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  • What an amazing contest. This is the first time I’ve seen it and I’m really excited for the possibilities for the kind of businesses that could win. As an older, life-long Buffalonian, I’ve seen things change (ever so slowly!) and am happy that we’re moving away from the broken industrial, bad weather, Superbowl-losing reputation. The environment, architecture, cultural and sporting activities in Buffalo, along with the low cost of living, make Buffalo an awesome place to be. Contests like this, and what comes out of them for us, absolutely prove that.

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