Enactus Prints: Artwork Fundraising Effort

For this week’s blog post, I interviewed Florence Severs from our very own D’Youville Enactus club and their social enterprise fundraising effort Enactus Prints.

Who is creating these art prints and posters?

The artwork has been collected from Northern Irish artists, based in Belfast, which we have reproduced to sell as prints. Our portfolio is a diverse collection of photographs, sketches and paintings.


I’d love to see some images of past posters or current ones.1463998_175170672684611_252160227_n

Sure! You can see our full portfolio on our Enactus Prints Facebook page. 

Which social enterprises and community projects are benefiting? Any great examples/success stories?

The fundraising that is earned from Enactus Prints will go directly into helping DYC Enactus empower the local and global community.  The social enterprises that are benefiting from this fundraising include the Brothers of Mercy Nursing home, local high schools (such as Oracle Charter School, City Honors, and Health Sciences Charter School to name a few) and a small village in Kenya.

1472922_175170882684590_1968529114_nAt Brothers of Mercy, we plan to build a vegetable garden and involve the residents in the food to fork journey.  This will let them develop a more personal and nutritious diet.

In the local community, DYC Enactus members are mentoring high school students to start their own business. Oracle Charter School’s SAGE sector (a high school team of SIFE/Enactus) has started a bi-monthly talent show competition to showcase their students’ talents, promote mental health as well as bring awareness to teenage affairs/issues.

Whose idea was this? Are other college/university Enactus groups doing this? Or is this unique to DYC?

This was started by an Enactus student at Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland who is a good friend of mine. Through an exchange program, I came to Buffalo and decided to start the project here to help the DYC Enactus team raise some funds. We got permission from the artists to bring their work global and started selling!

1466176_175170796017932_841668756_nWhere are they being sold and when?

We have several sales every month. The best way to find out about the day and time is through our Facebook page where we post all upcoming events

We are usually situated in the lower level lobby of the ALT building, opposite the elevators. If you see us selling come and say hi!

If you are interested in buying a poster, you can also contact us through our Enactus Prints or DYC Enactus Facebook page.

 Who is buying these?

We rely on the footfall through the ALT building as well as word of mouth. We have a mixture of students and DYC staff buying the artwork. People often buy them as presents for people; they make really good gifts because they are so unique.


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