Warm Weather Ahead! Hiking Trails Around WNY

One of the great things about being a  student in Buffalo is that that there are so many things to do outdoors if you are willing to venture just a short drive from campus. With the days getting longer and warmer, the Buffalo area is a great place to go hiking in the spring.

My Hiking Day Trip! 

Some friends and I found the Earl Cardot Eastside Overlook Trail about ten minutes from Fredonia (forty five minutes from school off the 90) over a long weekend. The only expenses for the trip were some picnic stuff purchased at Aldi’s and the gas in the car to the trail. I would also recommend wearing a pair of boots and some clothes you don’t mind getting muddy!


Much of the trail is surrounded by a thick covering of trees.

Much of the trail is surrounded by a thick covering of trees.

Trails for All Hikers

This is a great trail for all types of hikers; although it is nineteen miles long, there are parking areas throughout the trail so that you do not have to hike the entire way. Some areas were very flat, others were a little steep, yet the trail was well marked and the steep areas warned the hiker of the change in elevation.  There were tons of mustard plants and wildflowers in the clearings, small swampy ponds, and old tall pines covering the clouds and shielding us from any rainy weather that happened to come our way.

grassy trail overlooking scenic ponds

Grassy trail area surrounded by mustard plants overlooking scenic ponds.

For the Adventurers…Camping!

Near Canadaway Creek at the northern end of the trail there are lean-to campsites available for free on a first come first serve basis if you are feeling adventurous.

Your Study Break Awaits!

There were not many hikers on this trail which made our group feel like we were nowhere near the city of Buffalo, when we were only less than an hour! overland trail

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