“Educating for Life” in Buffalo High Schools

What is DYC Enactus?
We are a community of student leaders, at D’Youville College, committed to transforming lives and giving back to the community in a self-sustaining manner.

What has DYC Enactus been up to?
Our students have been mentoring local high schools on entrepreneurship and educating students about how they can help their local communities. In a nutshell, DYC Enactus creates smaller versions of our university club (DYC Enactus), called SAGE, in the high schools. On a weekly basis, high school students meet up, discuss & advance their ideas of how they can create sustainable businesses.

SAGE teams across the world compete regionally, nationally & globally

SAGE teams across the world compete regionally, nationally & globally

What is SAGE?
SAGE stands for Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship. These students have come up with many creative ideas in the past year. One such business club in City Honors has created a university-preparatory speaker series that invites college students to talk about their programs. This peaks high school students’ interest in forming long term career aspirations and goals.

Another high school, Oracle Charter, has created a business of conducting talent shows to support the arts in high schools. As a result of budget cuts, several arts programs have dissipated. Oracle’s SAGE team created STAR (Sharing Talent & Respect) to give students a safe place to showcase their hidden talents and express themselves in an artistic and meaningful way on stage for others.

Riverside Institute's presentation at SAGE Regionals

Riverside Institute’s presentation at SAGE Regionals

Meanwhile, Riverside Institute has created a “Welcome to Buffalo” booklet to teach newcomers the ways of Buffalo from tasks such as taking public transit to opening a bank account. It has also been translated to the commonly spoken languages of newcomers (such as Burmese, French, Lebanese & much more).

Is there more to it? 

As these students continue to develop ideas, they not only help their communities but also develop interpersonal and leadership skills in their experiences and endeavors. Annually, DYC Enactus & SAGE hosts regional, national & international competitions to allow students the chance to showcase their hard work and accomplishments for working professionals.



This year, the regional competition was held at our own campus, D’Youville College, in Madonna Hall on April 11, 2014. There was four high schools in attendance which included Oracle Charter School, Riverside Institute of Technology, City Honors School & Mount St. Mary.


The national competition will be held at the University of Pittsburgh on May 23-24th, 2014. It is truly inspiring to see such young entrepreneurs striving to create change and impact the lives of so many through business projects. It is the passion and fire in these individuals that show that change is truly possible, no matter the age, ethnicity, economic status, and gender.

Can I help out?

scaleAbsolutely. If you like mentoring high school students and serving as a role model, being a SAGE mentor is the job for you! You can meet with your schools as little as once every week/fortnight or as often as you desire. A little goes a very long way. At the end of the day, “never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have”.

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