The ABC’s of HCOP

photo(1)I’m a student in the HCOP program at D’Youville. What is HCOP? It stands for Health Careers Opportunity Program and it’s a federally-funded outreach and academic support program for high school and current D’Youville college students interested in careers in healthcare.

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Study Abroad in Sydney : A Whirlwind Adventure

After finally getting to Sydney, Australia, I’ve realized that all of the preparations for study abroad and the hours of working were worth it.  Chicago was experiencing some fixed kangarootrouble the day I was supposed to fly out, so my flight was delayed a day.  When I arrived, I walked into the CAPA family.  The student group gets along well, and the support staff is very attentive to our interests and goals while we are here. This includes both our academic goals as well as what we’d like to see and do while we’re here.

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10 Things I Wish I Knew As a Freshman

Welcome back to DYC everyone! By now, I hope you’ve adjusted to being in school again, final-exams-babyand taken notice to all of the improvements to campus over the summer. It all looks great!

As a new freshman class once again enters the college, I thought it would be a great time for me to reflect on my freshman experience—and to hopefully pass some words of wisdom onto others.

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2 Minutes with Professor Seidman

Professor Derek Seidman is the new man on campus.

Okay, so this is really his third semester, but he still has that new professor smell.

I had the chance to interview Professor Seidman last spring. During the interview we cover huge issues, such as which came first the chicken or the egg? I have had the privilege to take classes with Professor Seidman and his classes are always filled with great information; he really challenges student to think objectively and create their own opinion. History is not always black and white, so he allows us to use colored lenses (if you will) when viewing history and uncovering the myths from the facts.

Take a look at this entertaining and informing video. You won’t regret it.

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