My Internship at the Buffalo Public Schools

635487973548890274-buffalo-public-schools-signAs a history and sociology (dual) major, I did an internship last year that allowed me to observe high school history classes in Buffalo, NY. I observed classes including: Global 9, Global 10, U.S History, African American Studies, and the Holocaust. I compared these lectures with those of my college classes and noted the differences in topics and the way they were taught.

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5 Things to Get You Through Finals Week

good luck with finalsWell everyone, November is upon us, and that means only about four weeks of this Fall semester at D’Youville remains! November is when things start to get busy between family and the holidays, as well as school.

So, in an effort to help you guys out, I would like to share some of my tips for helping you get through the home stretch here, and of course the big one: Finals Week.

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Building Nursing Leaders: DYC’s Nursing Workforce Diversity Program

chris1The nursing workforce is not as diverse as it could be. D’Youville College is playing a role to change that through the Nursing Workforce Diversity Program.

DYC is one of only 41 schools nationwide to be awarded a federal Nursing Workforce Diversity Grant. This program helps build nursing leaders in under-served populations in Buffalo – at the high school and college level. 


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The ABC’s of HCOP

photo(1)I’m a student in the HCOP program at D’Youville. What is HCOP? It stands for Health Careers Opportunity Program and it’s a federally-funded outreach and academic support program for high school and current D’Youville college students interested in careers in healthcare.

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