What to Do in the 716: Valentine’s Day Edition!

We all know being a college student puts you on a tight budget.

New semester, plus textbooks, plus tuition minus part time job still tends to equal a number relatively close to zero. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a bit of fun with your significant other this February 14th. Here are some of my suggestions to have an awesome Valentine’s Day on a tighter budget.

1) Canalside

Lately, the buzz in Buffalo has been this word. Last fall, I don’t think there was one day that ‘Canalside’ wasn’t mentioned in the newspaper. Well, it’s finally here! The ice rink and Winter Market are beautifully located in the heart of downtown Buffalo, right across from Harbor Center, and very close to our Naval Park. General admission for skating is $5.00, and if you need skates it’s an extra three. My suggestion is to go during the week, as the rink isn’t nearly as busy as on the weekends.


Skaters taking the ice at Canalside

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Frugal Nom’s: Budget Friendly Restaurants Near Campus

When you’re balling on a budget, it can be a little limiting to explore all the cuisine that Buffalo has to offer. But have no fear! Where there’s a will, there’s a way…niagara cafe

1. Niagara Cafe
– The food is quite inexpensive; you can get a salad, entree and soup for less than $10
– The portions are quite generous
– It’s close to campus!


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Cup of Java, anyone?

Streets of elmwoodIn the trendy streets of Elmwood lie an array of coffee shops & cafes that attract the everyday foodie/caffeine-driven student to their doors.  Follow me on my adventures, or rather study sessions, as I review the yay’s and nay’s of my many restless nights spent sipping away my cappuccino and burning the night oil.

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Elmwood Eats: Great Food near the D’Youville Campus

Buffalo has truly grown on me these years being at D’Youville. There are some great neighborhoods that I really love going to when I want to have some fun and eat some great food.

SushiTry Something New!

My favorite neighborhood would have to be the Elmwood village area. Food is the number one reason that I go to Elmwood. Actually food is my motivation to do a lot of things.

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