British Modernism–THE Course to Register for this Fall

Registration time, ugh. It’s tough, I’ll give you that. Picking classes, advisement, dealing with the onslaught of all of D’Youville logging on at midnight. I’ll say it again. It’s tough. But here’s something to maybe make it a little easier: a course recommendation for the Fall of 2013. Now, if you’ve been keeping up with my posts, you’ll know two things: 1.) I love british modernismEnglish, I’m an English major, taking Shakespeare and all that jazz, and 2.) Dr. Gooch is a great professor. So it really is going to come as no surprise when I suggest ENG 316: British Modernism taught by Dr. Gooch.

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Dr. Joshua Gooch: English Professor, Musician, Bread-Baker

 Dr. Joshua Gooch

Many of you out there may be unfamiliar with Dr. Joshua Gooch — one of D’Youville’s newest English professors—but here’s your chance to get to know him. Though only his second year here at D’Youville College, he’s already heavily impacted the way I approach literature and the way I write, and I know that the same can be said for other individuals, too. His high energy and openness to opinions make talking about critical responses of Jane Eyre as painless as is possible.

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You only have one freshman year

“You only have one freshman year.” Before attending college and several times this fall, I kept hearing that same phrase. I was told to live it up while you are a freshman and still can. You will have the most fun your freshman year. These words left me with pretty high expectations, many of which were met. Freshman year has turned out to be a lot of fun full of new adventures, new people, and new opportunities. I am going to share with you some of the highlights of my freshman year and discuss some of the opportunities I wished that I would have taken advantage of. Future students listen up because I hope that you too will make the most of your freshman year. Also feel free to ask any questions about D’Youville that I do not address in this post below. I will do my best to answer your questions and help prepare you for freshman year. Shout out to one of our awesome readers who recognized me in the PVR (dining hall) at an open house a couple weeks ago!

Stay in touch with your parents

college bannerMake sure you check in at home every once and a while especially if you are the oldest/only child. Your parents just let you out of the nest and it is going to take a little time for them to get used to not having you around all the time. Most likely this will be the longest you have ever been away from your parents. Do not call your parents only when you need something. Make time to call them every once and a while to let them know how you are doing. Continue reading

Get the Bio on Dr. Martin Kelly

Dr. Kelly is part of the Math and Natural Sciences Department and can often be found in his office in Joan of Arc Hall.  He always makes himself available to students seeking his help.  I have Dr. Kelly for Bio 102 Lab and decided it would be interesting to take a peek at his life outside of the classroom.

professor teaching studentsQ: What’s your favorite course to teach?

A: I like all the courses I teach.  I teach all the introductory biology labs and an evolution class.  I enjoy teaching the introductory biology lab because I really like interacting with the students in lab and I like the fact that it’s at an introductory level.  I also really like the evolution class I teach because it’s such an important subject to me and it allows me to teach students in a different way than I do in lab. Continue reading