Things I Wish I Knew as a Freshman

urlAs a freshman once upon a time, I can recall wandering the hallways and looking for my class in Bauer only to realize that I was lost in KAB. It takes some time to get a grasp of your surroundings, but give yourself some credit. You’ve come so far! Perhaps you’ve left the nest and are now learning to live on your own. Maybe you are still at home and commuting to school. Nonetheless, you’ve graduated high school and you’re at D’Youville now. That in itself deserves a pat on the back!

As I enter the upper years of my degree, I can recall the many things that I wish I knew as a freshman. Here are some tips that hopefully will be of use to you.

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Rumble D’Youville Rumble: DYC Boxing Classes

Female students in boxing classFloat like a butterfly sting like a bee D’Youville’s Thursday night boxing class is where you wanna be. Every Thursday from 4:45pm to 5:45pm D’Youville College has a great boxing program held in the dance studio of the College Center.


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Fall Sports at D’Youville College: Get Active and Make Friends!

be a spartanTHIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For many student athletes at D’Youville this phrase from the movie 300 serves as a rally cry. D’Youville offers 14 intercollegiate NCAA Division III level sports as well as club hockey (which is highly competitive). For freshman or transfer students with athletic eligibility, joining a sport team at D’Youville is a great way to have a jump start at making new and lasting friendships.

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Six-Pack Abs. Are they possible? A Simple Core Fitness Routine for Time-Crunched Students

students at the gymIn your quest for a rock solid core, the exercises you choose to do are important to consider.  Crunches alone will not get you very far in your quest.  A variety of exercises are necessary to hit all the major core musculature.

How you accomplish these exercises is important as well.  A specific intensity must be met to stimulate the muscles in such a way that they will grow, especially if visible stomach muscles are one of your goals.  Notice how distance runners do not have large leg muscles, despite working out their legs for hours each week.  For the same reason, doing hundreds of crunches will not cause significant muscle growth.  Exercises must be of a certain intensity that fatigue is reached in about 8-15 repetitions, or 20-45 seconds of work for maximal muscle growth to occur.

AND BY FAR, the most important factor to consider if “Six-pack abs” are a goal of yours is body fat percentage.  If you’re not down to at least 13% body fat for men and 20% body fat for women, all the crunches in the world won’t be enough. Continue reading