What you DON’T know about Sister Denise: An interview with D’Youville College’s president

Sister Denish RocheSister Denise Roche, the President of D’Youville College, is a very warm and welcoming person. Her office is located just inside the front entrance of the Koessler Administration Building and she often encourages students to stop by and introduce themselves when they are free. I wanted to meet Sister Denise because I have heard so many wonderful things about her and grew curious. So I set up a time to meet with her and I learned a lot about the spectacular woman heading D’Youville College.

What is your favorite part about being the president of D’Youville College?

I love being around students. That’s the heart and pulse of the college. The students are very different from year to year and do different things for the college.  Those students then go out and do many great things and a new group of students come in.  There is a constant growth and dynamic, it’s great! I love the students. They are the best part!

What is something that most students do not know about you?

They probably don’t know that I was sociology major at D’Youville or that I taught first grade. I loved the kids, but I was a dismal failure at teaching first grade, by my standards anyway. Both my mother and my sister went to D’Youville. I grew up in Buffalo and was away for about ten or twelve years when I entered the Grey Nuns before I came back here. Continue reading